Death, A Life Changing Experience

Dearly Departed is a documentary worth watching if you ever wondered about death.

And who has not wondered about death? Either you accept it, deny it, or fear it; it’s the one sure thing about human existence.

Darryl Anka made this fascinating movie, where he interviews people who have died, recently or from hundreds of years ago. As it is documentary-style interviews, Dearly Departed is called a “fictional documentary”. The interviews are with “dead people” in the spirit realm to get their take on life after death. It is a great film for spiritual experts and beginning seekers alike.

Looking at it from another side, death is just another birth, that’s why many report it’s like a birthday party.

This film addresses a lot of questions such as:

  • How did you cross?
  • How you do make heaven homelike?
  • Is there a punishment if I’ve done bad things?
  • Is there a karma?
  • What is a soul-mate? Do I get to meet my soul-mate again?
  • Does everyone go to the same place? Or do some stay in physical as ghosts? Or some in the limbo?

I enjoyed watching the film, with great acting, excellent questions by Darryl, and his crisp voice. Darryl’s voice sounds quite different from when he channels Bashar – One of the channellers with messages that I enjoy the most these days.

Death is truly a Life Changing Experience.

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