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Digital CDs

The following items are for direct and instant MP3 downloads. If you’d like to have a physical CD of the same items, please contact Kemila directly as she has a limited few in her Vancouver downtown office.

Flow of Abundance

Nothing succeeds more than success. Nothing is more abundant than abundance. This recording weaves spiritual principles and beautiful imagery, together with hypnotic suggestions to lead you into a flow of abundance. In this guided hypnosis session, Kemila’s voice will open up your receptivity, your creativity, and your awareness to yourself and the flow of abundance all around you. You will come to understand that abundance is a direct reflection of the worth you allow yourself to feel. After each listen, you will feel rested, open, and calm, with a general sense of personal and financial wellbeing.

Good-bye Panic Attack

Panic attacks don’t normally give you much notice. They can be sudden and unexpected. Regular practice of self-care and self-strengthening, such as sending messages to yourself and using therapeutic imagery, can help you build a “mental and emotional immune system” to help fend off these attacks.

Manifest Your Dreams

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In this audio recording, Kemila Zsange blends universal manifestation principles with beautifully designed imagery as she uses gentle hypnotic language to speak directly to your unconscious mind. You can let go of having to deal with details and allow your resourceful unconscious mind to work for you towards the manifestation of your dreams.

Make Change Easy

Learn to build more confidence to create the change you need and face the changes life gives, with Kemila Zsange, who guides you first into a deep bodily relaxation, to release physical tension and stress; then realign your conscious desires with your subconscious motivations, so that you see the changes in a new way and KNOW from your own being that not only can change be easy, but you can also enjoy the journey.

Past Life Regression

In this audio, Kemila uses her soothing demeanor and velvety smooth voice to quickly guide you into a deeply relaxed state. The pacing of the session is perfect and spacious, calm and timeless. What shows up can be both surprising and illuminating and can help you connect a piece of a longstanding puzzle and ensure insights.

Future Life Progression

Time does not exist in a broader reality, but it exists in our physical experience. It’s like when you hold a book, the entire book, from chapter 1 to chapter 20, exists in your hand at the same time. The book does not need time to exist, but reading the book takes time. Our inner mind has access to all memories, which means past and future memories are equally accessible in hypnosis.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Use Hypnosis to Lose weight and keep it off. Learn to control the input and output of energy and develop the weight, size, and shape of the body you want. People often overeat or crave foods they know are unhealthy for them because they have been conditioned to do so. People can develop emotional associations towards those foods. Deciding to change how you eat and exercise is one thing – staying with it is something else. That is why many people consider weight loss to be very stressful, yet it can be very easy to lose weight if you do the right things.

Relax and Sleep Better – Hypnosis for Insomnia

This high-quality recording can be listened to at any time of the day but is best at bedtime. Be aware, it may bring you into deep delta sleep before the audio stops playing.

Attracting Her

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A high-quality production of a guided journey into the beautiful garden of your mind and meet her – your true love, this hypnosis home session strengthens your self-image, nurtures your mind and soul, and offers you a chance to look into a near future, where you get insights into everything about her. The great thing about hypnosis is that you can get into the deep part of the mind, uncover your core beliefs that you have stored at the subconscious level and transform them; so that you feel naturally confident and lovable, even before you meet her. This audio is ideal for those who are ready for their true love to arrive in their life. It is a pure mind spa 40-minute journey.

Home Study Courses

Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life

Once you learn ways to access your subconscious mind and reprogram it, your life will not be the same, even though challenges will still be there. You will show up differently, with more inner strength and calmness, which comes from the understanding. This 6-hour course contains lecture, techniques and trance experiences. A better life is yours when your subconscious mind is on board with you. Then external changes will be a side effect of your internal shifts.

Future Life Experience

This is about growth and experience, helping you now to make proper and wise decisions. Future Life Progression could be useful for motivating you to work towards your goals and you certainly will find yourself in a relaxed state, more inclined to focus on the things you want to achieve in life.

Journey into Past Lives

This workshop was recorded in January 2022 with a group of live participants. It contains three different guided hypnotic experiences, group sharing and discussions, questions and answers. Kemila started by giving some examples of how people have experienced past life regressions, what it takes to have a successful past life regression, and what it entails in the experience. Kemila then guides you to a favourite place to learn how you take in impressions before past life regression experiences begin. Questions include: How many lifetimes do we have? Do we reincarnate as a fairy or an animal? Do we have other planet lifetimes? What do we do when we jump into another lifetime when you ask us to the next moment in that same lifetime? What happens when we don’t see anything? Do we connect with our soul family? What is karma? What if someone was regressed as a famous person? What is fear and how do we treat it? What is this life’s purpose? What does belief have to do with an experience?

Effective Intuition

Recorded with a live audience in October 2021, in this 15-segment course you will learn how to: Identify your own “intuitive style”; Allow intuitions to come through for you; Know which signals to look for and trust; Ask questions and receive guidance and have intuitions on demand. The total run time is 5:24:26.

Metaphysical Experiences with Hypnosis

Recorded with a live audience in October 2018, this total 12-segment, 6-hour workshop is an entry-level of metaphysical experience through hypnosis. You’ll learn how to get to a hypnotic state, from which how to access a higher state of awareness, and learn how to access your higher self, contact spirits, enhance healing abilities, read aura, perform automatic writing, have an out of body experiences… You will also learn the tools to do it on your own.

Science of Manifestation

When one recognizes that manifestation is not just a matter of luck, but is rather something we have all the control, it is a turning point far more important than affirmations and wishful thinking. Indeed, understanding the relationship between your conscious desires and subconscious motivations fulfills the very purpose of your life. Allowing this inner shift is not easy, for it brings up oh-so-familiar doubts and questions that originated long before we were born. However, as you simply use logic and true inner senses to understand the world outside of you is a mirror, manifestation comes to life without effort.

Hypnosis for Manifestation

This 4-segment, 6-hour course was recorded live during a class in October 2017. The segments include principles, steps, illustrations, exercises and powerful guided hypnotic journeys for your manifestation. While the live class is still going on periodically in Vancouver, you...


The following books are for direct and instant pdf downloads. If you’d like to have a physical copy of the books, please contact Kemila directly as she has a limited few in her Vancouver downtown office.

Many Blessings Will Come

Many Blessings Will Come takes you on enchanting journeys of self-discovery and inner knowing across space and time in its 20-plus stories. Over her 10-year practice, Canadian hypnotherapist, Kemila Zsange has curated a beautifully inspiring anthology of the cathartic past- and inter-life regression experiences of her clients. Each story and regression capture the sometimes-rocky, recovery of inner commitments; the blessing of uncovering inner gifts and wisdom, and the spiritual awakening in remembering who we really are.

Carol’s Lives

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This is a book with three storylines but with the same two souls – in the 1920’s of New York City, in the new century of Vancouver, how they meet again, how they have met, and how hypnotic trances were used for their exploration. These storylines stand alone, yet they cross time and space, weaving into each other in ways that transcend the individual stories, and lead to yet another new dimension. Kemila tells the story from inside out and from outside in, adding her personal courage and professional expertise into the intricacy of the complex, yet simple stories of where two souls meet, the first time and once more.

Past Life Regression: A Manual

This book is a result of guiding many people in my practice through past-life regression sessions where they learn about their past and even future lives. The book answers the questions when to do and when not to do past-lives, and guide you step by step how to conduct a successful and effective Past-Life Regression session. Therefore it is a complete manual for conducting Past Life Regression sessions. To illustrate, the book has a good collection of very interesting stories from my work as examples, along with my own observations and thoughts about them.

Special Topics

Single Sessions

Be Your Integrated Self

This audio recording will allow you to live your life less on autopilot and to participate fully and consciously in the here and now. You will see yourself clearly, from outside and inside, so that you can begin to respond to the people and situations in life as they actually are, rather than as pattern matches to events in your past.

Develop Healing Ability

Every step you’ll be guided to practice metaphysical healing. This is a thorough process of metaphysical healing. While the healing takes place, you will enhance your own healing capacity. 

Automatic Writing

This used to be part of the Metaphysical Hypnosis program, now a beginner’s guide to automatic writing. We start from the very beginning: The setup, the tools, the time, and the rest you just need to follow the audio.

Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meeting a spirit guide is truly like meeting a new old friend, in this case, in your universal garden. In this guided imagery, you first clear out the blockages inside and out, so you can receive what’s already there for you. 

Rainbow Attunement

Surrender to nature’s control of life, and give yourself a moment of colourful relaxation as you follow Kemila’s voice through the vibrancy of the rainbow. The daily stress is drained away and you find yourself more attuned to everything alive. 

Goal Accomplishment

As you allow the reality of your goals to sink into your subconscious mind while you drink in crystal clear pure water of your goals, the session unites your conscious goal-setting mind and your subconscious goal-achieving mind at the ground 0, so you remerge and reexpand as a new person, each time you listen to it.