Recommended Readings on Past Life Regression

The Past Life Regression Project

This book can be a little boring if all you seek is exciting reincarnation stories. However, it’s a suitable book to those who haven’t had a past-life regression session, and want to know how it feels like from the perspective of a client.

The book keeps a neutral tone in describing the experiences by 30 volunteers who visited the author, a past life regressionist for the project of writing the book. A good part of the book is story telling from transcriptions of session recordings. It does a good job staying neutral in description.

As the project was not necessarily geared up for therapy, but rather for documentary, there isn’t anything too heavy, such as trauma, in the book.

Again, for those who like to know the experience before having an experience, this book can satisfy the curiosity.

Past Lives, Present Miracles

I’d give three stars out of five to this book, because it is not what it claims to be, on its cover, “The most empowering book on reincarnation you’ll ever read… in this lifetime!” Very far from it.

It’s a fair book which lacks depth. But if you are a complete beginner on past life or reincarnation, this book will help you understand more. There are also some guided meditation scripts, which again are not bad if you are a beginner.

Discover Your Past Lives: A Practical Course

This book presents us with a few practical guidances into past life exploration, which the author calls “Reincarnation Research”. There’s this scientific attitude in the study and verifications of reincarnation. None of these techniques are quick fix – maybe that’s why this book is never popular. However, what I like about the book is the attitude of “letting your fantasy or imagination guide you into a past life”. While a lot of people argue about “Was it a real memory” or “did I just imagine it”, J. H. Brennan says, use your imagination and start from there, bon voyage to the exciting internal journey!

It’s the first time that I hear about The Christos Method for past life memory recall and I intend to try this out. Other approaches are also very doable, including one chapter on Hypnosis, though as I said, Brennan didn’t present them as quick and easy. However, all the meothods in the book make professional and psychological sense. It’s a great read for people who are more serious about this topic and want a little more advanced approaches and backgrounds into past life research and experience.

The Case for Reincarnation

This is a research book, which offers you excellent resources for further readings, if you feel being inspired to do so. It is written by Joe Fisher and the preface of the book is by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

This poem extract from My Law or Tieme Ranapiri from the book sums up all our wanderings:

You were. You will be! Know this while you are:
Your spirit has travelled both long and afar
It came from the Source, to the Souce it returns–
The spark which was lighted eternally burns.

From body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought
On the loom of the mind from the fibre of thought.

You are your own devil, you are your own God
You fashioned the paths your footsteps have trod
And no one can save you from error or sin
Until you have hark’d to the spirit within.

A Beginner’s Guide to Past Life

This book The Everything Guide to Past Life Experience: Explore the scientific, spiritual, and philosophical evidence of past life experiencesis an absolute beginner’s guide to past life expereince. It’s good for those who just start to realize the possibility of it, who are not 100% sure if there is such a thing as past life, yet very curious, as it explores the scientific, spiritual, and philosophical evidence of past life experience. It is an easy read, from brief histroy, feelings, to exploration of reality. There are some useful techniques and scripts that you can experiment from. I had my boyfriend read one of the scripts while I put myself into hypnosis, and it worked beautifully.

If you have already delved into past life stuff, this book may be too simple for you.

Past Life Recall Made Easy

Most people go to a psychic or a hypnotherapist for a past life recall. The another-time-another-place-in-another-body memories in your mind may not be as deep as you thought. They come to us in dreams, in “day-dreaming”, in feelings in our body… We only need to pay attention and tune into the subtlety of our sensations, thoughts, inner feelings, and relax. Past life recall might be easier than we thought.

Richard Webster’s easy reading book Practical Guide to Past-Life Memories: Twelve Proven Methods (Practical Guide Series)offers twelve practical tools that you can DIY with on past-life memory recall. You can pick any one of them and keep practicing, or you can try them all. I recommend the former. It can be for fun as well as insights of your own being. Although they are easy to do, it does require some dedication and patience – It’s not only our normal sense of patience of time, but patience of attitude. Remember: stay quiet, stay curious, stay relaxed, with no attachment. When you do it, you only do it for fun.

Here are the twelve methods in a nutshell:

1. Dreaming of your past lives
2. far memory technique
3. Past-life regression
4. Scrying your past lives
5. Tick-tock regression
6. Fascinations, skills and interests
7. Dowsing your past lives
8. Rainbow number meditation
9. Imagination meditation
10. Exploring the Akashic records
11. The feeling technique
12. With the help of your guides

Keep your curiosity and keep your mind open without any pre-conception, such as “I’m not good at this or that”… You may surprise yourself. After that, if you want more, you can always contact a professional hypnotherapist for an in-depth past life regression session.

An Inspirational Book for the Professional

As a hypnotherapist myself, I actually got a lot from this book Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Childwritten by Carol Bowman, someone whose only “qualification” of starting writing such a book was that she was a mother.

She cared for her children. She had basic curiosity. She didn’t let the case of what happened to her child go just because a paediatrician has given it a label. Instead, she went on with her own investigations. I could imagine how hard it was, doing all the research, with the only qualification – a mother.

A great mother she is then.

And how lucky for a lot of children, because of what she has done! Read this book, and learn to LISTEN to our children. They don’t speak nonsense. Their “imagination” is something worth our full attention. Their stories are true though we have forgotten. Their fears are valid, not something that will go away by itself unless we pay attention to what they say.

This is a book for parents, helping professionals, and those who are interested in healing with past lives. It’s an easy reading and well written book.

Life Between Lives

Tibetans call it Bardo.Ancient Egyptians called it Amanthe.

The Australian Aborigines call it Angea.

Ancient Hebrews called it Pardish.

Some others call it the “Blue Mist”.

It’s the space between your current life and the one before. The times between death and re-entering the womb for another life, the interlife. But what goes on in that timeless-spaceless time-space? What happens to the soul?

What do we learn, or more importantly, what do we need to learn from that time?

Many writers including those with Near Death Experiences have documented the visions and the experiences that happen during those times. And they mostly follow similar patterns. The soul group, the learning process, the council of elders, the choice of the new body/life we make before re-entering this world. Often, questions are answered: what are the key elements of purpose of my “thumbprint” soul? Who are the people that I have journeyed with from lifetime to lifetime? What is the purpose of my journey in this lifetime? How and why did I choose this particular body and brain? These are fascinating and profoundly moving questions and answers.

Dr. Michael Newton, a pioneer hypnotherapist, is known for being specialized in it. For 30 years he has helped hundreds of clients attain a super-conscience state in which the client is able to see, hear and/or feel what the soul is experiencing in the Bardo state – the time between lifetimes. A lot of these cases are documented in his books Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Memories of the Afterlife, Life Between Lives, which is more a professional’s manual book.

This profound experience brings a deeper awareness and self-understanding of soul purpose and identity on earth. A new sense of empowerment emerges providing a new vision, a stronger sense of self-direction, and energy for life.

A Life Between Lives session demonstrates that you are living your current life by design, not by accident! It is your soul spirit and destiny review.

Brain L. Weiss

It is easy to indulge oneself in Brian L. Weiss’ books. All of his books are small, soft cover, easy to read, entertaining, full of suspense and insights, and very good yoga exercises for our mind.

Are we really ready to find out about our past lives? It’s easy to fancy we lived some more fabulous lives than the current one, a prince, a tribe leader, a deep, deep blue eye beauty, an alien … they are all understandable. Nevertheless, I am still very amused by Catherine’s many lives when the author says:

This disease sounded terrible, like leprosy. If she had once had a glamorous lifetime, we had not yet stumbled across it.

I had a good laugh on this.

How effective is hypnotherapy for mysterious symptoms? Brian L. Weiss says it all on page 10 of this book:

When I met Catherine. For eighteen months I used conventional methods of therapy to help her overcome her symptoms. When nothing seemed to work, I tried hypnosis. In a series of trance states, Catherine recalled “past-life” memories that proved to be the causative factors of her symptoms. She also was able to act as a conduit for information from highly evolved “spirit entities”, and through them she revealed many of the secrets of life and of death. In just a few short moths, her symptoms disappeared, and she resumed her life, happier and more at peace than ever before.

A quote from the poet Master whose message was delivered through Catherine:

Patience and timing… Everything comes when it must come. A life cannot be rushed, cannot be worked on a schedule as so many people want it to be. We must accept what comes to us at a given time, and not ask for more. But life is endless, so we never die; we were never really born. We just pass through different phases. There is no end. Humans have many dimensions. But time is not as we see time, but rather in lessons that are learned.

Here’s a little episode on page 149 that is so sweet:

Shortly after her third birthday my daughter, Amy, came running over to me, hugging me around the legs. She looked up and said, “Daddy, I’ve loved you for forty thousand year.” I looked down at her little face, and I felt very, very happy.

Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited

These are again from a master that his patient channeled during a past life regression after she died and floated:

Humans always think of themselves as the only beings. This not the case. There are many worlds and many dimensions… many, many more souls than there are physical containers. Also, the soul may split if it wishes and have more than one experience at the same time. This is possible but requires a level of development which most have not achieved. Eventually they will see that like a pyramid there is only one soul. And all experience is shared simultaneously. When you look into the eyes of another, any other, and you see your own soul looking back at you, then you know that you have reached another level of consciousness. In this sense reincarnation does not exist, for all lives and all experiences are simultaneous. But, in the three-dimensional world, reincarnation is as real as time or as a mountain or as the oceans. It is an energy like other energies, and its reality depends on the energy of the perceiver. As long as the perceiver perceives a physical body and solid objects, reincarnation is real to that perceiver. The energy consists of light and love and knowledge. The application of this knowledge in a loving way is wisdom… There is currently a great lack of wisdom on your plane…You have reversed reality and illusion. Reality is the recognition of your immortality, divinity, and timelessness. Illusion is your transient three-dimensional world. This reversal is damaging to you. You yearn for the illusion of security instead of the security of wisdom and love. You yearn to be accepted when, in reality, you can never be rejected. Ego creates illusion and hides truth. Ego must be dissolved, then truth can be seen. Understanding is therapy. Love is the ultimate therapy… the direction is inward.Meantime, in lessons learned, not in minutes or hours or years, you can cure yourself in five minutes if you come to the proper understanding. Or in fifty years. It is all the same thing.

Through Time Into Healing

There is the scene that Ariel, the wife to be, waits for her fiancé Anthony, who is having a past life regression in Dr. Weiss’ office. After he was regressed back to an ancient life in North Africa, where a trauma happened and his wife, who happened to be Ariel in this life was killed, he walked out of the office.

“Anthony and Ariel had only been separated for one hour when he stepped out of my office. But the power of their reunion was such that it was as though they had not seen each other for two thousand years.

I tossed the book and cried.

From Birth to Rebirth

This refuse-to-be-confined-to-mainstream-thinking book is written by a successful obstetrician Dr. Charles V. Tramont, who “transitioned from saving infants’ lives in the delivery room to discovering past lives through hypnotic regression.

“In my remaining years of practice, I found that hypnosis and past-life regression therapy were invaluable tools for my patients. I also sensed that I was undergoing a metamorphosis, a steady and unwavering transformation into someone I knew a lot better, someone with a very different outlook and different aspirations from the person that I knew before. As I conducted more regressions, I had the feeling that I was opening a door to the unknown, to places that could help unlock the mysteries of the mind or, for that matter, the universe.”