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Learn Hypnotherapy

Uncommon Practitioners TV – This is a great resource for therapists, counsellors, and coaches for continuing professional development, to see real, brief, solution-focused therapy in action.
Uncommon Practitioners TV
The Hypno Academy

On the Business Side

If you are interested in how this website and the business side is operated, here is some useful information telling what’s going on behind the scene.

    • Square Reader

      Square Reader

      We are able to charge credit cards for services without storing your credit card information because of Square, a little device, called “Square Reader”, plugging into a smart phone or a tablet. With an easy app, anyone can start charging. You can even go fancier than a Square Reader by purchasing a Square Stand for your tablet so you start to really look like a cashier. Use this link and you can get the first $1,000 charge for free. And after that, you pay 2.75% per swipe when you sign up on your own.

    • In Canada, a business account doesn’t offer you mush interest rate. However, at Vault, they offer the highest GIC for business account – 5.25% in September 2023 for example. There are some conditions, but you should definitely check it out.
    • For Canadians, to receive payment from online sales such as where you need a US bank account to receive direct deposit (normally receiving a cheque option has higher threshold, which means you receive your payment much later), I use Payoneer. How this works is that when you have a Payoneer account, it’s like you have a US dollar account without a physical address. They give you $25 by simply signing up.


  • Cost Conscious Cell Phone Plans to Support your Well-being
    Affordable cell phone plans in Canada are a myth. Wellness Mobility is THE PLAN created for mindful members. Our service provides transformative rate plans that alter the cellular service landscape for yourself, your family, and your team.


Book Self-Publishing

Draft2Digital makes publishing your books and ebooks a dream come true. It truly is everything you need to publish and sell your books everywhere. All you need is a manuscript. They do everything else for you for free.

On the Other Side

Life and work balance is always important. and for people like me who don’t have a clear line between what’s life and what’s work, they are all part of the same thing.

  • In this day and age, when I travel, I want to travel like a local, therefore the place I go to find my accommodation is always AirBnB, one of the best things that happened in this century. You get CAD$46 credit by signing up.
  • Another fantastic way to travel is to do home exchange, which makes you travel like a local. Find out details in one of the largest HomeExchange organization.
  • To kick start, you’ll get a generous 250 points when you join.

  • You can get your Free Equifax Credit Score & Report on Borrow Well.
  • Sign up for a PC Optimum Insiders™ subscription and get 25,000 PC Optimum™ points! PC Optimum™ Insiders members get 10% back in points on all PC® products, free PC Express™ pickup with priority time slots, free shipping with no minimum spend on and purchases and so much more. Sign up here.
    Your PC Optimum points will be awarded to your account 4-6 weeks after you sign up. Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time.
  • I think you’d like how simple everyday banking can be with >Simplii Financial. You can earn $50 when you open and use an eligible account with Simplii.
  • Cryptocurrency may be our future currency. Here is an easy place to start. And you’ll both receive CA$12.77 in Bitcoin.