A Hypnotherapy Case of Thought Form Release

What harm can a 12-year-old girl do to the world? One would think. Before I met David, I’d say none.

Generally speaking, a 12-year-old girl is associated with innocence and powerlessness.

Unless, maybe, when such a girl is a nanny, having to take care of younger children.

David came to see me for his uncontrollable “negative thought patterns”. David is a sales person, big, tall. Regardless the fact that there is nothing to pick about his appearance, or job performance, he constantly over-thinks what others may think about him. “I have this thought pattern that consumes me.” He says. He would temporarily get peace when he talks himself into believing that others have other things on their mind instead of thinking about him. Yet this peace would slip away by any “dirty look”, from co-workers or strangers, which of course is quite frequent as it’s up to his own perception.

In addition, David sometimes feels anger in him. “I sometimes feel angry even though I am not angry.” – For me those words are an obvious invitation for a hypnotic exploration.

Intellectually David understands how mind works. He has used NLP techniques to help him over the past 10 years, but any help based on techniques was temporary. David read a lot of pages on my website. When he first came in, he was ready for the work. Somehow I felt the trust was already built before he met me in person.

As David closed his eyes voluntarily, and dropped into a deep trance all by himself, I elicited the part of him who felt anger even when David was not angry. Very soon David got in touch with that part, and we invited that part to come forth for a conversation.

This angry part identifies itself as Dadan, a nanny at 12 years old – This was indeed one of David’s nannies when David was young, living in an Asian country where he came from. She is angry because she has to work. She expresses her anger by being hard on the 3-year-old, David, and the 4 year old, David’s sister. She is a stay-home nanny. She misses her own family and her own parents who are quite far away.

I ask Dadan if she likes the kids she is nannying, to my surprise, she says yes. Yet she can’t control her anger of having to work. Sometimes David’s mother is working upstairs, and she has to suppress her anger. She doesn’t trust anybody, and becomes hard on the children. She “disciplines” children and spanks them when she can.

Realizing this is the thought form from this living being getting stuck on the adult of David. I remind Dadan that she doesn’t have to work anymore, as the adult David doesn’t need her to take care of. Therefore Dadan can be free too, by leaving David. Dadan expresses the desire to be set free, and the desire not to feel angry anymore.

I then further remind Dadan that she is not 12 anymore either. As of today she should be 48 years old. I ask if Dadan wants to join her own host body, still in her home country. She curiously says yes.

I instruct Dadan to look up, this mind fragment perceives angels coming to help her, taking her back to where she belongs.

We then send this thought form of anger to the angel, and dissolve into the light.

Instantly, David feels lighter and much better. He reports continuingly feeling so when he comes back two weeks later, as far as the anger is concerned.

A 12-year-old girl may not do harm, but any unbalanced energy can do harm. I wondered if this could work another way around. By Dadan working on forgiveness and self-forgiveness, would David feel relief as well? I’d think so.

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