Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions

Skype with Kemila

Skype your hypnotherapy sessions with Kemila

Get the help you need, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. International clients welcome! You can now have a hypnotherapy session using Skype.

I have used skype sessions working with clients living in Kamloops in BC; Yukon and Toronto in Canada; countries such as UK, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, India, Australia, the United States, and Ecuador for variety of issues and conditions.

There is some setup that’s required.

The first step is scheduling a consultation. And add “kemila.zsange” to your skype contact.

The next step is technical. Because of the technology there can be complications that can make a Skype hypnosis session difficult. For that reason we need to have a 10 – 30 minute skype technical session to make sure the internet connection is solid, and the audio and video speed is working. This also serves as free consultation session so you can ask any questions you have. Please understand that if we have technical issues that cannot be resolved there can’t be a hypnosis session using skype.

The cost is the same as in person session. Payment is due prior to an appointment. You can use the Paypal link for the first session, or find the Pay with Card button on this page, or if you are in Canada, you can send E-Transfer by using the email address:

If you are a returned Skype client, or if you feel confident with your internet connection, and would like to set up a 2-hour Skype session directly, please schedule your counselling-hypnotherapy appointment directly below.

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