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Hypno-Aroma Journey to Emotional Wellness

Smell can usually transport us to certain memories. This class, facilitated by your hypnotherapist Kemila Zsange, and aromatherapist Sue Pearson, is designed to guide you towards wellness by following your nose! Essential oils have power to shift and process emotions. Combined with powerful hypnosis you will let go of those emotions you no longer need and shift into emotions you prefer. In this open, safe and fun class, you will journey through emotions with comfort, support and care, so that you feel connected, focused and uplifted.

This class will help you soothe your senses, process your emotions and shift your states. You will be able to transform pain to consolation, overwhelm to serenity, confusion to clarity, stress to peace, resentment to forgiveness. We will close with a supercharged hypnotic forest walk. One after another, you’ll experience the textures, sounds and scents of the forest, so that you feel restored, grounded, supported and inspired.

One session only. You will receive a sample of Abundance blend of essential oil.

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Location:Stanley Court Room, West End Community Centre, 870 Denman St., Vancouver
Fee: $43.00


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Workshops in Spring 2018

All the following classes can also be registered by calling the phone number: 604-257-8333.

Past Life Regression Group session Hypnosis               Past Life Regression Group session Hypnosis

Unless otherwise stated, all classes and workshops are held at West End Community Centre at 870 Denman Street, Vancouver. More classes are developed as inspiration occurs.

Depending on the year, season, and popularity, some of the classes come back more often than others. So check back often.

Hi Kemila,

I am loving your classes! You have a very unique perspective and I feel like I'm walking away from each class empowered to look at things from a different angle; even from the way you respond to people's comments.

Thank you!

-P. H.
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