Intensive Hypnotherapy Session Application

After being in private practice for 15 years, I noticed that in certain sessions, both my clients and I felt a little constrained by time. Even though it’s possible to schedule weekly sessions, there are certain times when momentum is lost over that time. When my clients came back, we had to spend some time reconnecting to where we had been.

There is always progress, but in certain cases, I feel the progress could have been greater and faster had we had more contiguous time together in one session. Of course, in many other cases, breaks between sessions allow time for our work to sprout and take hold.

But in those special cases when the nature of the hypnotherapy work is exploration, especially spiritual exploration, more time would allow an uninterrupted flow for us to go deeper and further than would otherwise be the case. Long, deep sessions may also be applicable to age regressions, past trauma work, or hidden memories.

As we enter 2024, I strongly realized that this paradigm should be incorporated into my work.

An intensive Hypnotherapy Session means that we dive much deeper than would normally be the case. Such an intensive session takes 4 hours. When we schedule such an appointment, I’ll do my best to block the rest of my day. This will enable me to gather all my attention to you and only you on that day. We’ll explore, uncover, and heal during our time together on that day.

The cost for such a session is currently set at a discounted rate CAD$480(+GST).

Please fill out this application for an Intensive Hypnotherapy session. After the initial screening, and I feel that we are a good match, I’ll send you an invoice and confirm the time/date that you’ve suggested, or, I’ll send you a calendar link.
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