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Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Even though I know that hypnotherapists don't engage in Kreskin style antics, and would never interfere in my ability to control what I share or do while in the session, I still feel nervous before a hypnotherapy session. Spending time with Kemila, however, very quickly put my nerves to rest. She has a very soothing demeanor and her voice is velvety smooth, relaxed and has a delightfully soporific effect. I went into a deeply relaxed state quite quickly - in part due to her methods but also because of her voice and delivery. During the session, Kemila showed great sensitivity to the space I inhabited, and seemed to know exactly when to ask questions and when to leave space for my own silent discovery. The pacing of the session was perfect and felt spacious, calm and timeless. I had a past life regression with the hopes of discovering the source of some barriers I was facing related to my business. What showed up was both surprising and illuminating. I learned a lot from the session and left with things to "work with" and integrate. Kemila's session helped me connect a piece of a longstanding puzzle and I am grateful for the insights that ensued. I highly recommend her!
-Sue Pearson, MSW
Hi Kemila,

Overall life is very good... My eating is still going well, no emotional eating at all! I am down almost 9.5 lbs, slow and steady. Working hard at enjoying the journey.

Thank you for all your help!
-K. Y.
I'd definitely recommend Kemila to anyone seeking hypnotherapy for any reason. I went to her to learn self-hypnosis and to get some general positive suggestions. I feel that I benefited from both and I had a fun experience in the process.

Kemila comes across as paying close and detailed attention as you sit in her office talking with her. She seems like the kind of person who's pretty well-read and worldly. She mentioned that she also speaks Mandarin if that would make her more appealing to some people. She knows a range of induction techniques from the very standard and formal to more improvised or rare techniques. I found myself opening up to her gradually, even more-so than perhaps I first intended to but it's because she's good at what she does.

It's obvious she has a lot of experience and has worked on all kinds of problems. Looking back, I might rather have come in just wanting some general suggestions over a couple of sessions and then let her direct me over the course of the sessions to more specific areas in my life I wanted to work on but that was my mistake.

I'd give her the heartiest recommendation and I wish her well.
-Merle L.


Kemila is wonderful to work with and she really helped me so much with my insomnia and weightloss. I have learned so much from her and will always be grateful. I highly recommend her as a hypnosis counsellor.
-D. M.
Hi Kemila,

Thanks for the session on Saturday. I got an extraordinary amount of insight into it. You wouldn't believe how much writing I've done since then from what I've learned. So thank you for that!


-J. M.
Aloha Kemila,

I wanted to say THANK YOU to you. My mind has been relaxed and more present. I am able to stop the constant chatter much easily. It still comes sometimes, but less. I definitely want to see you again for another session :). I have been able to sleep much better like you promised and automatically feel so relaxed :D ...

I like you much better than our current counselor, and I also like hypnotherapy much better as a form of therapy. I have faith and trust in you Kemila.

Thank you once again! I cannot wait to go in deeper inside me to discover who I am, get more confident...

-L. K.
Hi Kemila,

... Thank you also for all the help you gave me in your self-hypnosis course. I did mention that learning self hypnosis from you helped me with my sleep, but what I didn't tell the class is that it got me completely off of taking sleeping pills, which I was taking almost every night for the past couple of years. This has been a major change for me! Now I intend to use my self-hypnosis skills to help me change the sense of purpose and focus in my daily life.

I certainly enjoyed meeting you, Kemila, and I appreciate what you have done for me.

One day pulling out a card, I was told to have a past life regression. I wasn't sure what exactly I needed to find out, but I followed. I was at crossroads in my life and there was a lot of uncertainties anyway. It was quite strange. The moment I walked into Kemila's office, tears rolled down my face and my heart softened. I felt a little embarrassed as we were still "strangers". But she just sat there, all understandingly. The session went extremely well. Not only did I find a depth of myself, understand more of my own behaviours and attachments, but also I met the energy of my deseased ex... At the end, a heavy weight was lifted. I haven't felt this light for a long time.
-N. L.
I did five sessions with Kemila. It's been a few years, but she helped me trigger changes that were good for my soul, and I keep on experiencing that gift even today. Life just keeps getting better; I keep getting better at it.
-Rosa Paredes
Hi there,

You are looking at the right person to help you. Kemila has helped me go through something that many would call being at the edge.

She is extremely experienced and approachable which are the core values a great hypnotherapist must have. Trust me.

Thank you.

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