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I have the best clients in the world! The following is what some of them have to say about my services and products. The testimonials are randomly displayed, so each time you visit this page you may read different ones. If you want a life changing experience just like these people, give us a call at 604-687-4325(HEAL).

For reasons of privacy, we only use initials of clients if they have chosen not to post their full names or contact information online. Message me if you’d like to contact one of the people below, and I will ask their permission to forward their info on to you.

Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Kemila successfully guided me to a place where I could observe and understand certain constructs of my own mind, and assisted me in regaining a greater perspective.
-N. H.
...Another opportunity arose and I jumped on it... a position as yoga instructor and volunteer coordinator in Indonesia! Which is really funny, because I had no idea about this position when doing your intuition workshop and still, when we asked questions, Indonesia came up and I even wrote it in my book. I had no intention to go in Indonesia at the time and was surprised about having this as an answer to my question. Your work is so powerful dear Kemila, thanks again for sharing with us.
-A. D.
Thank you Kemila. Your "Relax, sleep better" CD works so well that I cannot remember the end of it: a good sign and I will keep at it for at least 8 weeks, as suggested.
-T. B.


Dear Kemila,

How nice to hear from you. I think of calling you about once a week, but some how never get around to actually doing it.

Since the last time I saw you I've lost over 10 pounds. I stopped over eating AND am enjoying doing a lot of new things.Thank you very much for helping me lose weight.

-R. D.
Hi Kemila,

Just wanted to let you know that I acted as MC at a special work function today and I WASN'T terrified - for the very first time! A little nervous but I actually enjoyed it! 🙂

Thank you for your help!
-T. S.
Kemila I am very happy to meet the love in my life after seeing you for a month. I believe this a good opportunity for me to work a mature couple(partner) relationship. It is a great pleasure for me to share my life with you. We will be seeing each other very soon.
-M. B.
Hi Kemila,

... Thank you also for all the help you gave me in your self-hypnosis course. I did mention that learning self hypnosis from you helped me with my sleep, but what I didn't tell the class is that it got me completely off of taking sleeping pills, which I was taking almost every night for the past couple of years. This has been a major change for me! Now I intend to use my self-hypnosis skills to help me change the sense of purpose and focus in my daily life.

I certainly enjoyed meeting you, Kemila, and I appreciate what you have done for me.

Hi Kemila!!

How have you been?!

I had a session with you in February... I didn't have enough time to stop and write to you a thank you note!

It changed my life! If you recall my issue was with sugar... and ever since I have had no cravings! It is amazing! The feeling of freedom!

Cannot thank you enough!!!

-L. S.
...Another experience: I am normally a tense driver. I try my best to remain calm when I am driving but I don't always succeed. After our session, I left your place and drove down Davie St, I realized something very strange. I had a kind of Eckhart Tolle moment. I was driving down the street and I was calm. I was stuck behind this slow moving vehicle but instead of getting frustrated, I looked at all the people on the street and really saw them. They looked liked zombies to me but I was not a zombie. I may have been in a trance but, to me, it was they that were in a trance. I was really observing them and being in that moment. And as people crossed the street against the pedestrian don't walk sign, I did not get frustrated or angry. Instead I came to realize that there was still plenty of time for me to turn the corner once they had finished crossing. There was nothing to be angry about - these things are inconsequential. I came to realize that I am not my behavior. I am not even my thoughts. I am not my body. I am not my job. I am somehow beyond and above all of those things. I will still be me no matter what happens. Hard to explain but that is best way I can describe it...
-I. M.
Hi Kemila

How are you? How was your last trip?

I am looking into a project I want to start which I will share with you in person:) i feel this is what I am suppose to write! I don't know if you recall, but during one of our sessions, I went down a stairwell and there was a door slightly open with a very bright light surrounding the door.... when I opened the door I was surrounded by books and it was a beautiful place with books from floor to ceiling. I then removed a book and it had my name on it.

After our session you kept saying you have to write. My heart skipped a few beats and I have this drive and determination to start this project and the idea just came to me last week and it feels so right in so many ways:)

Hope to hear from you and hopefully can book a session next week:).

Thanks Kemila!

-S. K.

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