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I have the best clients in the world! The following is what some of them have to say about my services and products. The testimonials are randomly displayed, so each time you visit this page you may read different ones. If you want a life changing experience just like these people, give us a call at 604-687-4325(HEAL).

For reasons of privacy, we only use initials of clients if they have chosen not to post their full names or contact information online. Message me if you’d like to contact one of the people below, and I will ask their permission to forward their info on to you.

Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

I worked with Kemila Zsange over three to four months at the beginning of 2010. During that time she helped me tremendously.

Almost my entire life I have struggled with being able to fall asleep. In the late eighties I began to take medication to fall asleep on those nights when sleep failed to come. By the early nineties I decided that life was too short to lie awake for hours each night trying to sleep and I began using the medication on a nightly basis. Over time the dosage gradually increased to where I was taking three pills nightly.

At times I travel extensively on business and sometimes I take extended vacations/sabbaticals. The dosage I needed presented a problem for both of these.

I was skeptical that anything would help but Kemila convinced me to let her try hypnotherapy with me. I immediately found the hypnosis to be very relaxing. Over the course of treatment I was able to reduce my dosage so that I was consistently and effectively falling asleep with only 1/2 pill.

Since then, over the last year, I have been able to maintain that level, thanks to some of the skills that Kemila taught me. I would be eager work with Kemila again and I have recommended her to two friends, both of whom are interested in trying hypnotherapy; one to see if she can help him quit smoking, and one to see if Kemila can help her lose weight.
-T. M.
I just wanted to update you... I started a YouTube channel.. Yes ME!!

I had been thinking about it for a while, and often think of you and what you said about just getting yourself out there, even if you have one viewer. I started it a week ago and now already have 57 subscribers. You are such an inspiration to me and I've learned so much from you -- I can't say it enough!

Thank you Kemila!
-B. W.
Hi Kemila, I just wanted to give you an update of how things have been going for me since I last saw you. I mustered the courage and told Jenny how I feel about her. In the end, the results were really quite amazing. At first it was really difficult for me to say and also hard for her to respond to, but we talked more about it later and we were really direct with each other about our feelings which felt great. From that point on the walls fell down and we have been getting along great, doing lots of things together. And then last night she really opened up to me and it's feeling like a real, meaningful relationship is slowly starting. It's shown me how important being direct is to living a happy life and I thank you for encouraging me to do so. Sincerely,
-R. H.


Hi Kemila, I came back a few weeks ago. The trip was great. It was more relaxing than what I was anticipating. The pre-take off was pretty ok. I didn't think much of my problem. There was a brief and sudden feeling of being trapped and short of breath shortly after airborne during the first leg. I used the tool you taught me. It was also my progress after all those sessions with you. The feeling went away almost instantly without having to go any deeper into self-hypnosis. I was able to relax more while I was traveling on a tour bus which I had never been able to do that before. It was a great experience. I have no way of telling how far I have come but I do believe the whole thing does take me one step closer to recovery. It was a big milestone for me. The whole experience is telling me your sessions have helped me from inside. You've given me ways and tools to apply the techniques you taught but at the end, it came more naturally. I can't say enough to thank you for helping me to snap out of my nightmare. It was my first time ever I was able to relax and enjoy my trip. To me, it was a remarkable journey both physically and mentally. Thanks a zillion.
-C. K.
Hi Kemila

How are you? How was your last trip?

I am looking into a project I want to start which I will share with you in person:) i feel this is what I am suppose to write! I don't know if you recall, but during one of our sessions, I went down a stairwell and there was a door slightly open with a very bright light surrounding the door.... when I opened the door I was surrounded by books and it was a beautiful place with books from floor to ceiling. I then removed a book and it had my name on it.

After our session you kept saying you have to write. My heart skipped a few beats and I have this drive and determination to start this project and the idea just came to me last week and it feels so right in so many ways:)

Hope to hear from you and hopefully can book a session next week:).

Thanks Kemila!

-S. K.
A very exciting and interesting experience. I found myself very comfortable and relaxed with Kemila and she was very confident and experienced, I highly recommend her services...
-M. H.
The West End Community Centre has excellent training courses. I have always been interested in hypnosis as therapy and was incredibly surprised how wonderful hynosis that is taught by Kemila is. Kemila is a fantastic therapist and instructor. She is so open and honest. She also introduced me to other wonderful things such as Tai Chi which I am loving. I highly recommend Kemila!
-D. M.
Hi kemila dear how are you?

I'm still listening to my inner voice which you got me to hear again and have started the yoga certification and am entertaining acupuncture training in Beijing this spring. I wouldn't have been able to endure the break up and had the confidence to do these new things if I hadn't heard that inner intuition again in your hypnosis so thank you for what you do!

Thanks kemila, happy holidays x
-L. W.
My experience with Kemila is one of the most interesting and valuable in my life. She is very knowledgeable and helpful in her work. The connection she managed to create, her awesome personality and the info that I got, thankful to her, are all of the highest level. It was a pleasure to work with her! I will definitely recommend her to my friends! Thank you Kemila!
-J. T.
...The creativity is flowing quite freely now...I feel like I am in my twenties again - just playing around writing music and enjoying it. So, I would have to say that you helped me a GREAT deal. I am just saying "Yes" instead of "I can't".... It's fantastic! I would not have gotten here without you and I have seen lots of counsellors in my life. None have helped me more than you. Truly. You are gifted. I believe that with all my heart.
-Vancouver Song Writer

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