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Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Hi Kemila,

I hope you're having an amazing year so far!

I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch, but have no doubt that you have certainly been in my thoughts 🙂

I'm happy to share with you that as of January I began working my dream job and I feel so lucky and blessed to be doing what I'm doing now. In my journey I have thought back to the many lessons I have learned with you, and followed my the excitement in my soul this far!

I've also shared the impact of my experiences with you with countless friends and family and we can all agree that it's changed my life. Thank you Kemila.

As I continue my new journey filled with overwhelming yet exciting challenges, I constantly remind myself of our talks. I hope to hear from you soon and even see you again.

Warm regards,

- F. M.
Hi there,

You are looking at the right person to help you. Kemila has helped me go through something that many would call being at the edge.

She is extremely experienced and approachable which are the core values a great hypnotherapist must have. Trust me.

Thank you.

Hi Kemila,

A Big Thanks to You!!! I just cannot wait to see more wonderful changes in our lives!!

I had a great session with you, and I am very grateful to have a caring person such as yourself to be helping us all especially in our difficult situation.

You are a very powerful and very smart woman, and you also know your stuff!!:)

Thank you Kemila!!

-S. N. and Family


Dear Kemila,

I want to tell you I just found a wonderful girfriend after I attended your class and got your hypnosis CD - Attracting My True Love. I listened to it for a month. The CD is so beautiful that everytime I listened to it, I feel happier, I sleep better, and the energy vibrates at a higher level. It is hard to say your CD made me find my girlfriend, but what I can say is that I became a much more optimistic person listening to your CD and that made a world of difference. Anyway I think I'd let you know the good news from me.
-S. Y.
Thank you Kemila. Your "Relax, sleep better" CD works so well that I cannot remember the end of it: a good sign and I will keep at it for at least 8 weeks, as suggested.
-T. B.
Kemila, thank you for the awesome hypnotherapy session last night! I'm still integrating all that happened, and am hopeful this will clear the way for me...
-S. P.
Kemila, I'm not honestly sure what I thought the course would be but I signed up out of curiousity most looking for pain management techniques. What I got out of this class far exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Other than hypnotherapy for entertainment purposes, I had no idea what to expect. Your approach to the group was that of someone teaching us while you took the journey alongside. I think this made the group connect with each other and yourself more easily.

Allowing the group to have the discussions opened me up to so many different perspectives that maybe I wouldn't have considered. We get so stuck in our ways, our habits, our beliefs that it's exciting to think of the changes we could make to ourselves, and this world, if we applied what you teach. Thank you for being such an open and honest teacher that guides us through what we need to see in order to heal. I'm actually quite surprised at how much I opened up in this class. I'm obviously not a shy person but don't usually discuss parts of my past that still make me very sad. This course has shown me that the wounds I have are not yet healed but covered up with "horse poo" as you like to call it. It's time to clean that up, heal my wounds and move on with a happy and productive life and show the world, and myself, the diamond that I am!!
-L. D.
Thanks Kemila for helping me on this journey. It has been magical. I am feeling more conscious on the things that used to make me feel not enough. Now I can put it to perspective and I feel better afterward. And also I know there is no comparison. I am good as I am. Thank you.
-L. R.
Hi kemila dear how are you?

I'm still listening to my inner voice which you got me to hear again and have started the yoga certification and am entertaining acupuncture training in Beijing this spring. I wouldn't have been able to endure the break up and had the confidence to do these new things if I hadn't heard that inner intuition again in your hypnosis so thank you for what you do!

Thanks kemila, happy holidays x
-L. W.
Hi Kemila

How are you? How was your last trip?

I am looking into a project I want to start which I will share with you in person:) i feel this is what I am suppose to write! I don't know if you recall, but during one of our sessions, I went down a stairwell and there was a door slightly open with a very bright light surrounding the door.... when I opened the door I was surrounded by books and it was a beautiful place with books from floor to ceiling. I then removed a book and it had my name on it.

After our session you kept saying you have to write. My heart skipped a few beats and I have this drive and determination to start this project and the idea just came to me last week and it feels so right in so many ways:)

Hope to hear from you and hopefully can book a session next week:).

Thanks Kemila!

-S. K.

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