Video: Past Life Regression Documentary In Another Life

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America

Watch this documentary “In Another Life” in full. It is a  about past lives and past-life memories. It may be fascinating to watch for some. It includes researches conducted in scientific ways, first-hand accounts of children’s past-life memories, spontaneous flashback memories of adults’ past lives, past-life hypnosis regressions, and workshop experiences. Among the speakers are Carol Bowman and Roger Woolger, whose books I wrote reviews on.

It’s very interesting to see that in the parallels lives the bodies can share similar body marks and facial traits. This I found true too in my past life regression work.

I like John Williams’ comment at 33:15, the idea of the grid. And the woman at 38:39 is very cute – the pot people.

Regardless of opinions, ideas, beliefs… What I know is: You do not need to believe in anything to have an experience.