What to Prepare for Your First Past Life Regression Session?

Now that you’ve taken your first step into the journey within, what do you need to do to make the most out of it?

For some people, there’s really nothing you have to do. If you drink coffee every morning, you don’t have to stop just because you are going to see a hypnotherapist. That said, not drinking alcohol and having a good night’s sleep the previous night can be very helpful.

Plan some time off before and after the session, so that you can have some introspection and retrospection. This will also maximize the benefits of a session.

Trust your mind’s ability to connect the dots. We were trained to discount our own wonderful imagination and were trained to believe in other “experts” about what’s happening to us. Your imagination is the conduit towards the unconscious and superconscious mind. Trust it. Even imagination has to come from somewhere. Where the imagination comes from becomes a more interesting question than whether I imagine it or not.

The session will go beyond the creative visualization work. Your unconscious mind has had the information stored in symbols for a long time. Now, some deep memories are ready to be processed at the conscious level. Bringing those memories to conscious awareness is only the beginning of the process. During and after the trance part of the session, you’ll gain some insights and you’ll be able to identify a pattern of behavior. You’ll probably deal with the concept of forgiveness– forgiving others and forgiving the self for any perceived or misperceived hurts. You’ll be able to make a choice to take deliberate action to make changes in your life. After the session, you’ll realize that you have a lot of knowledge, understanding, insight, skills, strength, and support.

Checklist for your First Past Life Regression Session

  • You can bring with you a list of questions you would like to address, including childhood issues, health concerns, negative relationships, addictions, unwanted patterns, financial situation, life decisions, questions about the future, problems a family member or close friend is having, etc.
  • Setting the intention to have a great session. Your Subconscious knows everything about you and will know that you have planned a PLR session, so it will be ready to communicate what is needed when the time comes. It is important to understand that your conscious self will be taking a back seat during the session, so the more you welcome a conversation with the Subconscious before the session, the better prepared you will be.
  • No consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours before your session. The clearer your mind, the better your session will be.
  • Please eat well but light before you come in. It doesn’t help when you feel hungry.

Do I Need a Reason to Have a PLR?

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