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Kemila Zsange hypntherapist in Vancovuer

Kemila Zsange, RCCH, C.Ht

Ever since childhood, Kemila Zsange’s life purpose was to experience and explore. Growing up, Kemila was described by people who knew her as “insightful”.

Yet what she sees herself is simply a “Master of the Obvious”.

In order to find answers to life’s questions, for 10 years beginning in 1998, she lived her dream of travelling the world, as she would grow “homesick” to a place that she had never been. Everywhere she went it was always the connection with people that was dear to her heart. She sold a lot of travel stories to magazines and her focus was always on different kinds of people she met on the road, no matter how she started the tone of writing. After exploring all over Asia, Europe, Central and South America… She found people all over the world are fundamentally the same, despite different languages, skin colours, foods, traditions and customs. In search for the Truth, Kemila then started to get more and more interested in exploring “the universe within” – our minds. A quote by Plato can explain what she felt at that time: I am not yet able to know myself so it seems to me ridiculous when I do not yet know that, to investigate anything else. After reading many fascinating books about consciousness, subconscious and superconscious mind, she went to see a hypnotherapist for past life regression. The moment she walked into the office, Kemila heard a voice inside saying, “I can do this.”

This idea didn’t want to let go of her until she signed up for a “Foundation in Hypnotherapy” course, followed by a year long certification course for “Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy”, which led to another year of “Counselling Hypnotherapy” course, from which she received her diploma. And now each and every client she sees becomes her teacher. Over the years, Kemila has learned how to draw out a client’s deeper, unconscious emotions and thereby get to the root of their problems. She has successfully treated men, women and children on various issues and conditions. Her educational and professional experiences have given her a vast knowledge base and skill set to treat a wide range of conditions.

  •      Depression
  •      Anxiety
  •      Insomnia
  •      Smoking cessation
  •      Claustrophobia
  •      Fear and Phobia
  •      Fear of public speaking
  •      Panic attack
  •      Writer’s block
  •      Weight loss hypnosis
  •      Past life regression sessions

Being empathetic her whole life, Kemila feels deep connection with children. She also specializes in using hypnotherapy to resolve children’s unexplainable fears and phobias, e.g., fear of water, fear of separation, fear of height, fear of darkness, fear of loud noises, etc.

Kemila Zsange, the future hypnotherapist on the Lion Hill, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

There she was. In 1991, Chengdu, China, the girl who was so curious about what’s at the end of the shining curving rails, who so wanted to pack everything and see the world.

Audio recordings can be available for each session as a free mp3 download. There’s a small fee for a CD recording. This adds extra value with personalized relaxation sessions which provide further insight into the process at no extra cost; it also provides opportunity to gain more benefits from future appointments as you can delve deeper into hypnosis.  With every client she sees, she teaches self-hypnosis without extra charge, so you can have tools for life.

There is convenience of flexible hours as appointments are available evenings and weekends, so you have more choices when scheduling your appointments.

Kemila has recently taken Eli Jaxon-Bear’s The Enneagram for Awakening courses for ego fixation and liberation, to bring subconscious patterns of behaviour, emotions and thinking into the light.

Kemila currently sees clients from all over lower mainland, and as far as Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, Whistler and Bellingham, Washington State. Skype sessions are available too so you have convenience to stay home for a session.

Warm, authentic, real, challenging, creative and committed to the people she works with, Kemila is a regular choice for many other hypnotherapists, counsellors, life coaches and psychologists when they need work done on themselves.

As a director of Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH Canada), Kemila volunteers her time for the association, and she is the chief editor of its quarterly newsletter Subconscious Connection.

Language was Kemila’s first passion and she’s had her share of joy (sometimes people spell it as “job”) of learning and teaching languages as her earlier career. She has also used languages in some other ways, such as travelling and selling her travel stories to magazines and winning national competitions and getting more chances to travel and write. She’s now using language in a different yet equally exciting way – helping people turning their dreams into reality by bridging conscious desires and unconscious motivations to gain access to the inner wisdom.

To this day, Kemila continues to travel whenever she can. She is described as an “intrepid traveller”, out there, and in here.

Because of the travel schedule, quite some weeks in a year Kemila is not available for appointments. The next unavailable dates are:

February 9 – March 5, 2018 (Occasional Skype sessions available. Email to set up appointments.)
May 15 – 30, 2018 (Occasional Skype sessions available. Email to set up appointments.)

It is advised to use the online calendar to book yourself in ahead of the time to avoid disappointment.

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I remember the times when I had a map of the world on the wall at home. I’d pin flags to the places that I’ve travelled to. Now I’m based in Vancouver, Canada and meet people from all over the world in my practice. That certainly makes it handy with the Multicultural Counselling Skills, which was one of the many courses I took in the completion of 1100 hours of study.

Here’s a map showing where my clients come from.

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