Life Between Lives Regression Is it Death After Life or Life After Death?

Dr. Michael Newton has certainly popularized this amazing soul journey exploration work. How interesting that his books have got me into this profession, and how after that I attract many clients because of his books as well! Yet sometimes we still believe there is coincidence in the universe?

Life Between Lives hypnotherapy is for those who have had enough of playing in the physical the way that they are told to. It enables us to reach deep inside to our true essence, the one with all the dreams alive and well within, so we can bring them to this life.

We then understand what it means to say each moment of physical existence is an adventure created by your own consciousness.

Culture-wise, the whole physical life can be a hypnosis show, if the definition of hypnosis is as simple as “suggestions accepted”. Like a hypnotist can bring a subject out of trance by snapping her fingers, a true spiritual hypnotherapist can help you remember who you are before you go into “the hypnosis show”, and remind you that you have volunteered for the stage. In that sense, I am to de-hypnotize you by reminding you that spirit is who you are, always have been and always will be, regardless of it choosing games of mortalhood.

Every player has a life beyond the game. Even you.

Who are Ideal Candidates fro LBL Sessions?

Not everyone is ready for the LBL experience, as quite a bit of inner work is necessary as a prerequisite for the spiritual experiences that a typical LBL session provides. The inner preparation could be participation in one or several activities such as Meditation, Qi Gong, Energy Work or past life regressions. The point is that you must already have walked a ways on your own spiritual path to come to a place where your inner longing for true, pure spiritual knowledge urges you to move into a higher level of understanding of who you really are and of your place in the Universe. This is what Life-Between-Lives regression provides.

How is a Life-Between-Lives Session Conducted?

There are many opportunities within to explore and expand ourselves. Many do not utilize the many levels within themselves, thus limiting their experience. We are so much richer than we can imagine, so why not find it out with our own experience?

The ways I help a client access Life-Between-Lives memories differ, depending on many factors. We may meet the spirit guides first and ask them to guide us to that space; we may have a past life regression first and upon death, move to the in-between state; we may go backwards in time through this lifetime step by step, until we reach mother’s womb, from which we go to a in-between state; we may dialogue with higher-self and access the information directly… There are a lot that can be reviewed, but what is normally helpful is to meet the soul-mates / soul-groups and to have the present life planning stage review. Click here to see Cathy’s story. This blog post also mentions a client’s surprising Life Planning Stage.

It is not necessary that you learn about your own past lives, though it may be helpful if you understand that you chose the circumstances of your birth this time.


So What Exactly do You See in an LBL State?

During the in-between phase, people actually will see what they’re ready to see. That can vary widely, depending on what you believe and what you are ready to experience. Even though you see what you see, it will still depend on your conscious awareness to interprete, to make sense of what you see. And that can vary widely as well.

A person can only see what he or she is prepared for. See here actually means the way you think – see in the mind. Spiritual sight is done at the level of the mind.

People often start off as seeing what they expect to from long-lost relatives to beautiful colours that are almost beyond description, to a long tunnel and what looks like the light. They’ll even have beautiful visions that leave them amazed by the so-called wonder of the universe that’s beyond what they’d call life in the body.

The Life-Between-Lives Regression doesn’t have limit. That said, the top three things one wants from the LBL session are:

  • Who am I here to help the most?
  • What are the major lessons I am here to learn in this life?
  • Who is my soul mate?
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    To dive deeper, you may also consider booking a 4-hour intensive LBL session. Currently priced at $480, it is very suitable for LBL exploration.