Spirit Attachment Release Therapy Soul Retrieval

How did It Start?

After encountered some discarnate “entities” who spoke out of my clients’ mouth, and released them back to the light (Read some clients spirit attachment release case stories here), I started to do a lot of research and readings.

Spirit attachment is not uncommon and is often misdiagnosed because many practitioners are not aware of it and because the symptoms might fit a number of possible diagnoses. In some instances, attachments exacerbate an existing complaint with similar symptoms. They may be the reason that recovery from a complaint is very slow.

Each Week, in Canada, up to five thousand people leave their physical bodies and move on. We call this death – For most it is a wonderful release from the strains and limitations of earthly life. The sense of well-being, the reunion with loved ones, friends, and cherished pets, and the freedom of movement, have all been documented in thousands of messages from the departed. I have recorded hundreds of these myself in Past Life Regression therapy.

A few, however, do get stuck! Their state of mind at death seems to make it difficult, if not impossible, for the waiting helpers to contact and guide them. Some of them fear not having a body. Some are confused in the transition. Some choose to stay for some certain addictions. Some want revenge. And, amazingly, some are held back by their loved ones who are still living.

While living, there are intelligent, well-meaning people who believe that there is this place called “heaven.” For example, They actually literally believe in this being called Saint Peter, who has this register and looks you up after you leave Earth to see if you have been naughty or nice.

In that belief, reality occurs. When a belief system is there, reality occurs. That’s how we create our reality, living or dead. This is hypnosis, and people can fall into its trap. So, there is a hell, and there is a heaven. And, there is judgment on the other realms because the other realms are filled with nothing but grand potential. Hypnosis works on both sides of the veil.

There are millions of souls laying in rest, waiting to be judged. And, living beings can be helpful and assist the dead. Interesting a hypnotherapist can work with those who are so locked into their own beliefs and their own type of hypnosis.

Vulnerability to Spirit Attachment

Certain individuals seem to attract spirits. Vulnerability to spirit attachment varies according to predisposition, health, and circumstances. The condition of the aura is an important factor. It has been postulated that people whose auras vibrate at high frequency are impervious to spirits of a lower frequency. Illness, injury, drugs, alcohol, emotional disturbance, and the presence of attached spirits may all impair resistance. Cases have been described in which organ transplant recipients appear to have received the spirit of the donor.

In the great majority of cases, attached spirits have no executive power. They may influence feelings and perceptions, but do not displace the host from environmental awareness or from control of body movement, except rarely, for brief periods, as during fugue states and the “blackouts” experienced by alcoholics. Only a tiny minority show the switching of identity and memory gaps characteristic of multiple personality. There is also an enormous variability in people’s psychic sensitivity and it seems likely that these variables are connected. Hallucinatory experiences vary greatly. Some patients, much troubled by spirits, rarely hear voices; others, less disturbed in thought and behaviour, hear them often.

For the stuck Earthbound entities, those who have left behind their physical body, but have not left the dimensional planes of Earth, so they still wander the Earth, they can become part of someone else’s life, like a hitchhiker.

But they actually only attach themselves to humans who are willing and cooperative. This may sound too harsh to say, as anyone, including all my clients who seek spirit releasement help, would not consciously agree and cooperate on this. The willingness and cooperation indeed happen on the deeper unconscious level.

Generally, the discarnated entities do not attach themselves to well-balanced humans. They tend to attach themselves to people with a lot of negative emotions. For example, they tend to be attracted to your taverns and places where there are many drugs, for they are comfortable in that type of vibration. There are openings for them to come in and attach themselves, in a sense.

They may be fascinated with your journey, and they want to be part of it. They think if they hold onto you that you will also help them ascend and help them transform. Even though they are dead, they are trying to continue living in and through others, and they are trying to influence another’s life.

Assist Lost Souls

This is also called Spirit Rescue, as hypnotherapy is a gentle and compassionate rescue of both client and spirit, unlike exorcism used by the Christian churches – expelling the attached entity is an adversarial procedure.

Most attached spirits are unable to leave without assistance, though occasionally they come and go at will.  It is important that a spirit from the Light helps them to find the way; otherwise, they may return to the host or attach to another person.

When you are strong within yourself, they have to go. They may scream and kick, they may cause some commotion in your life, they may tell you otherwise, such as telling you that they can stay and that they control you, but the truth is that they can’t go on without you. So when you take ownership of your own divinity, they have to go.

What they fear is the death of the identity. They know they have already died, but they want to continue living out their old identity. They do not realize there is much more to their identity than what they think.

The spirit release work was quite sensational, one of the most amazing uplifting experiences. “I feel so much lighter.” “I feel as if 30 pounds just went off me.” – are some of the most common comments from my clients right after the session.

Common Symptoms of Spirit Attachment

Some of the common symptoms of spirit attachment can be:

  • unexplained fatigue
  • memory disturbance
  • uncharacteristic changes in personality or behaviour
  • sudden changes in mood
  • unexplained depression
  • addictions of all sorts
  • relationship problems
  • unexplained somatic symptoms.
  • unexplained bodily pain and other physical symptoms.

The degree of attachment also varies. The effects of spirit attachment may be so slight as to be imperceptible or so great as to cause incapacity.  In the great majority of cases, attached spirits have no executive power. They may influence feelings and perceptions, but do not displace the host from environmental awareness or from control of body movement, except rarely, for brief periods, as during fugue states and the “blackouts” experienced by alcoholics.

Hearing voices is a characteristic feature of schizophrenia and is often experienced in Dissociative Identity Disorder.  However, voices may also be due to other factors, such as flashbacks of traumatic events, a more or less autonomous part of the personality, such as a child part, or to a spirit guide.  Abusive voices featuring foul language are characteristic of lower spirits, whereas helpful spirits, such as those reported by Gandhi, Luther, Joan of Arc, and others who have played a distinguished part in history, are attributed to spirit guides or to a divine source.  Spirit guides do not attach to the aura and leach energy, as do the entities that affect human health.  Such higher beings are essential allies in guiding souls to the Light and in healing the effects of spirit attachment.  It seems likely that they play a covert role in many healing processes.  Angels and spirit guides do not readily communicate during therapy, but they may sometimes do so when asked.

Of course, not all distressing can blame an attachment. There may also be genuine medical reasons for any symptoms. Humans are complicated and spirits no less so.

Five Levels of Spirit Possession

The theory of five levels were developed by psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Allisonbased on his experiences in his practice.

  1. The first type of possession —Grade I possession —is easily understandable in psychiatric terms. It could also be labeled obsessive-compulsive neurosis, a term with which many of my colleagues feel comfortable. In such cases, the patient is controlled by an idea, obsession, involuntary act, compulsion, or addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  2. Multiples are victims of Grade II possession, which is the result of the control of the body by an alter-personality developed by a person with a hysterical personality structure. In many cultures, a persecutor alter-personality would be considered a classic example of an evil spirit invading the body of a decent young person. However, deep hypnosis shows the psychosocial roots of the mental splitting. In this way, this alter-personality is able to handle the repressed aggression. With adequate information from the patient’s unconscious, there is no need to invoke supernatural explanations.
  3. Grade III possession occurs when the controlling influence seems to be the mind of another living human being. At this level, witchcraft or intense emotions may be involved. For example, a very Americanized Mexican woman, who did not believe in witchcraft, came to my office complaining of depression and physical weakness. These symptoms had developed after her nephew was killed in an automobile crash the night before his wedding. The young man’s mother (my patient’s sister) blamed the patient for his death. The sister and their mother visited a local black witch and had been observed by other family members performing black magic rituals aimed at harming my patient. Under hypnosis, I asked about the cause of the problem, and a voice came forth, identified itself as the sister of my patient, and explained the root of her hatred of my patient. She admitted that she had caused all of the suffering my patient had endured over the past year. After I told her to return to her own body and leave my patient alone, my patient awoke with no memory of the hypnotic session, but relief from her symptoms. This is also called thought form release.
  4. Grade IV possession is control by the spirit of another human being. One young lady, who also had MPD, found herself compelled to walk from her home to the local harbor without knowing why. When she finally regained consciousness and control of her body, she went to a phone and called a friend. I saw her at home shortly thereafter, induced hypnosis, and asked what was responsible for this odd behavior. A voice came forth and claimed to be the spirit of a woman who had drowned herself in the surf of the Atlantic Ocean while searching among the boats in the harbor for her husband and children, who had deserted her. She stated that she had taken over this patient’s body to continue the search. After she agreed to leave the patient, the patient ceased to be compelled to walk near the water.
  5. Grade V Possession is control by a spirit that has never had its own life history and identifies itself as an agent of evil or demon. This is commonly known as dark force entities. The so-called dark force entities are inferior, soulless creatures. They are not granted a bodily existence, so they attempt to oppress the human soul and occupy another’s body. They act on a human’s mind, his or her sense of self-importance, and his or her fear of the unknown. Yet in actuality, they themselves are cowards, rather primitive cowards at that. They know very well that human thought is many times stronger than they are. In our culture, the “evil spirits” play a role in confirming us that we are helpless so that more fear will be created. Their tool is to lie and get a human to believe in their lies. Love and positivity can reduce the intensity and often eradicate such things. Without fear and anger, they will lurk somewhere else or return to Source to re-emerge with more positiveness.

To read more about Dr. Ralph Allison’s book, here’s a book review on Minds in Many Pieces.

Those entities claim that they never had human bodies before, that they do what they do because they work for a “boss” in another dimension. They create turmoils and they feed on human’s negative emotions. They find order in disorder. (I did not make up any of those words. They all came up in hypnosis sessions spoken through the mouth of my clients.)

Dealing with those entities takes some wit, as they are not necessarily cooperative. And sometimes they fade in and out of my clients’ awareness. The key is to get them to talk. As long as they talk, there are always ways to negotiate. Occasionally I would meet some who are tired of doing what they do and want to “try something new”. I remember once a “dark entity” said through my client’s mouth, “I don’t like you Kemila. You are interfering with our agenda.”

After getting to know what their agenda was. I said, “So you don’t like me. And you know what? I like you. ” After a mutual pause, I asked, “Do you want to know why I like you?”

“Why?” Even a dark entity can show curiosity.

“Because you are honest. You said you don’t like me, you must mean it. If you didn’t mean it, then you must like me. Either way, you made me like you.”

“Oh shit!” That entity who claimed to come from “many universes ago” said. “I’m not supposed to be honest!”

I’ve never seen a war between darkness and light in which darkness wins. Wherever the light goes, darkness dissipates. Even the darkness is made of light. They just don’t know it.

There is no evil. There is only ignorance.

Are patients really possessed at times? I don’t know. Perhaps my cures result from making the right moves for the wrong reasons. Perhaps I am not exorcising a spirit but rather, lucking into a less than conventional approach to alter-personalities. At this point, I can only describe the experiences I have encountered. Hopefully, in the years ahead, some other researcher or I will be able to develop concrete answers for this fascinating, highly controversial aspect of the human mental condition.

Available Approaches

Not many approaches are out there, as spirit attachment is still an uncharted territory. Even though exorcism has existed for hundreds of years, its reality is still unclear. A disincarnated spirit? A thought-form? A devil possession? A multi-personality Disorder? Who can tell? And how to tell? When the mind itself is concerned, there is never an easy way to categorize, because the mind itself is imaginative and creative. Think about the constant development, new labels, and new definitions of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Some clients I’ve worked with say this is quite close to shamanic healing. One client even said to me that everything I told her she had heard it from her Shaman too.

Hypnosis is by far the most effective approach, because it is interactive, which requires dialogues between patient and practitioner. The Interactive method, conducted by an intuitive practitioner, has the advantage that it fully involves the patient and the session can be recorded.

This is a sensitive topic. It takes courage to seek help, but it’s very expensive not to. I have many clients who desperately needed help, yet hesitated for so long, and eventually right after a session said that was the best decision they’ve made.

Every case is different. To discuss your own situation, schedule your first session with Kemila in person below. If it’s online such as Zoom or Skype, please go to the Online Session page. For returned clients, click here for scheduling a Regular Session. Or if you have questions, you can Schedule a consultation with Kemila.

I received this email two days after a client came to see me:

Hi Kemila,

Thank you! I feel so positive, I have not been in such a good place emotionally and spiritually ever in my life, thank you for bringing me to this place and releasing my problems. On my way home after the session, I felt as though I was walking on air.

I shared some general aspects and moments of the session with my parents and they have also noticed the positive change in me.

After seeing me my mom is also interested in meeting you for a consultation. As you know, my family and I would really like to help her with her problem, and she now feels a little more comfortable and open to this form of assistance.

Please let me know …

Thank you very much,

M. K.

Remote Spirit Releasement

There are benefits for remote spirit releasement, in which the client doesn’t have to be actively participating in the work, therefore the client’s critical mind would not block the process. It is done through a surrogate, or a scanner to bring remote releasement and healing to a client. Sometimes it’s the family member helping out – in which case we always get the agreement from the higher self; sometimes I work with another intuitive hypnotherapist as a team.

Hello Kemila,

I wanted to say thank you for the Skype session for my son Otto. Otto seems to be going well.

I am very hopeful that this intervention will help and free Otto from his torment. It seems odd and irrational for my scientific mind, but I trust there was something there, and intuition maybe?

The session felt a bit odd to me; it was the first time I did a hypnosis session or anything like this.

I have to say I did not feel “out of control”, but still feel very tired. Thank you for your gentle guidance, I highly appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

M. H.