Multiple Lives in One Past Life Regression Session

I sometimes guide a client, after we’ve done some past life regression sessions, to a private sanctuary, and review multiple lifetimes.

A client is coming back to see me tomorrow after a long while. Therefore I started to review the previous session recording, and rediscovered what an interesting session it was!

The client was guided to her inner sanctuary, which happened to be outdoors, and watched, on a surface of a quietly flowing river, the reflection of many past lives that she has lived.

The magic water reflected to her, in the greatest clarity, frame by frame, who she has been before – the soul’s journey.

A loner in a cave; an esoteric meditator; a woman giving birth to a dead baby; a civilian in a war scene, possibly a Jew; a herbalist who was deemed as a witch; a psycho murderer full of rage; a native American woman who had the honour to carry the pipe; a clown being abducted by a powerful man; a singer who gave up singing to be a merchant… And a mistreated elephant!

That could be anyone of us. Just look at human history.

After all the lifetimes have gone with the water flow, she found herself staying there, untouched, whole and pure.

Asked her true inner identity in the pure spiritual state, she saw on the reflection of the water: A long-beard guru dude who is quite merciful and jolly wise. He has many sides, showing as layers of gowns: a strict teacher, a trickster, a shape shifter, a surprising factor. He disrupts people’s expectations. He can even surprise himself.

The client previously suffered from a perception of being different, being crazy, and being a misfit. After seeing herself as she truly is, she stopped wanting to change those labels. “Different”, “crazy” and “a misfit” are just as “powerful” as any labels can be. She started to accept who she is, beyond any labels.

I’m now ready for my client, who this time wants to see her future in this life.

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