Why Would I Want to Explore Past Lives?

Kemila Zsange Past Life Regression
I like Bashar’s definition of Past Life Regression: Probable Reality Examination.

For Life Purpose

Past-life regression can provide valuable clues as to why a person acts and behaves in certain ways in this present lifetime. A past-life regression can often provide information as to what the person’s purpose in this life is. It can explain the reasons behind difficulties and problems he or she has in this life and clue one in to what karma needs to be repaid. When people know why they act and react in certain ways they gain much more control over their lives.

Understanding and Dealing with Fears and Phobias

In Ainslie MacLeod’s book The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended, he outlined ten Past Life fears:

  • The fear of Loss
  • The fear of Beytrayal
  • The fear of Intimacy
  • The fear of Rejection
  • The fear of Self-Expression
  • The fear of Authority
  • The fear of Inferiority
  • The fear of Powerlessness
  • The fear of Failure
  • The fear of Death

Physical and Emotional Healing

Over the years that past-life work has been done, people have found very valuable benefits from individual sessions. Past-life therapy is an extremely valuable form of healing. It allows you to deal with the underlying causes of a problems rather than try to deal with the symptoms. In regard to symptom remittance past life therapy is effective in treating phobias, compulsions, head aches, physical problems, and select emotional problems. Help and healing have come in a variety of areas such as: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and even economical or financial. Hynotherapists have found that such inner work goes far beyond the working with the symptoms of the presenting problems; it goes to the root cause. Though physical problems are a good segue into this work, it is not unusual to find that a physical problem may be connected to emotional issues. This is commonly seen in women who have problems with pregnancy, birth, chronic miscarriages, and infertility. These conditions have both psychological and physical components. The memories of our past lives are imprinted in the DNA of every one of the more than ten trillion cells that make up our bodies. When we utilize past-life healing techniques we can heal “dis-ease” that may have existed for many previous lifetimes.

Often we can call up a past strength of a previous body, to help compensate for a present weakness.

From the Cayce information, before the topic of reincarnation was introduced, Cayce shocked everybody, especially himself, by stating that the cause of the medical problem started in a previous lifetime.

Guilt plays a major role in many people’s lives. Suppressed fear, anger, and grief all create feelings of guilt. Past-life therapy can help these people let go of guilt that was created in previous incarnations.

Utilizing Previous Talents or Gifts

One truth that is often forgotten is that no one thrusts the experience of any given lifetime upon anybody. It is formed faithfully according to our own emotions and beliefs. Abilities from past lives are at our disposal for the present use. We thus reap our own rewards. Information concerning these can be given to us in a past life regression as well as the sleep state. There is a kind of gestalt type of dream, a root dream, by which those who have known each other in past lives now communicate.

When I first started as a hypnotherapist, I jokingly told people that I’d done this for over 500 years. Yet it felt right to say so. I found it much easier to conduct a hypnosis session than to learn how to use my new cellphone. The ability and confidence to work with clients of all ages, walks and professions was beyond my own explanation. To this day I’d wake up at night, not remembering the details of a dream but knowing I was doing hypnosis in the dream. There are others involved. In the dream I was either teaching or learning hypnosis. In many cases, it has something to do with the clients coming the next day. When this happens, there is always a sense of acceleration in the work.

Some of my clients tell me, after a particular Past Life Regression, they’ve seen the personalities that would be themselves in another life previously in their dreams. Also after a Past Life Regression, one client of mine started to establish an on-going communication with one of her past life personalities, who has exactly what she’d like to have, the courage to go into the unknown.

In a hypnosis regression, as well as in dreams, general mass-information is given, that we can use as we desire.

Many writers of historical pieces are writing out of direct experience with those times. Such instances represent an excellent working rapport between the present self and the unconscious, which brings these memories to the surface in such a way that current life is enriched. That’s how we can draw our own reincarnational resources.

Each life that comes to us, however brief or fragmentary, is a piece of another self. Your personality is not single, it is multiple — not in the psychiatric sense of multiple personality, but in that there are many levels to the self like many skins to an onion. we peel off these selves as we look into our past lives or as we look into our own dreams. These personalities are still in you, energetically speaking, so that we can have a multi personality order.

Spiritual Clarity

Do you wonder if there is a God or higher power? Have you ever seen, heard or experienced unexplainable events? Have you experienced metaphysical moments you would like explained? Do you have physical symptoms that come and go and never manifest fully? Do you have questions about the nature of the Universe? Have unexplainable interests in UFO’s? Foreign lands? Would you like to know if you have Guides or Angels?

Habits and Positive Change

Do you struggle with habits you would like to change? Would you like to lose weight or receive some appearance fixes?

Often past lives will reveal a reason for current behavior and dramas.

Relationships In Your Present Life

What are your soul contracts with loved ones, friends and co-workers? Are certain relationships positive or negative for you? What is the best way to deal with a challenging relationship or situation you are having? Will you find your soul mate or true love?

Satisfying Your Curiosity

Past Life Regression doesn’t have to be in terms of therapy. Many people are curious about their past lives – Who they were, where they were and what they did. It is perfectly fine to be a “past life tourist”.