Future Life Progression Is it Possible to Know What's in the Future?

It’s like having a psychic reading to yourself, by yourself. Future life progression has two aspects.

Age Progression

We have a habit of living a life informed by the past. How about living a life informed by the future?

Age Progression is to progress into a future in this life. Some call this Forward Life Progressions – Physicists believe that all time is simultaneous, and because of that you have access to your own future self. A powerful technique that allows you to see “what’s next!”

Mostly we access a future memory, see where, when, what, with whom, and ask, “Do I like what I see?” The answer can be either yes or no. Regardless, we then ask, “What did I do in the year (whatever the year in which the session is done) to make this happen?” Then we can decide if we want to take this path.

It still involves hypnosis and visualization techniques but rather than regressing back in time, in Future Life Regression you to look forward.

This is about growth and experience, helping you now to make proper and wise decisions. In a sense, future memories are like dreams. There is often a mixture of symbols and metaphors, deep-seated hopes and wishes, actual memories and precognitive experiences. What we experience is a probability. In other words, just because a person sees the future doesn’t mean that it is a “real” future. Nevertheless, the immediacy and strength of the memories can instantly improve the present and future course of one’s life. To a hypnotherapist, these changes are even more important than the capacity to validate the material.

Future Life Progression feels more vivid than imagination. The information flows naturally. Maybe you want to see in the future:

  • who you are married to
  • what your future career looks like
  • something brilliant in five years’ time – once you have seen it, it would start to happen quickly, as if projecting it brought it into their life.

Future Life Progression could be useful for motivating you to work towards your goals and you certainly will leave a session in a relaxed state, more inclined to focus on the things you want to achieve in life.

Future Lifetime Progression

Another Future Life Progression is to visit a different life – a different time in a different body as a different personality.

There are many facsinating future life progressions in my practice. See the blog posts of some case stories.

And many near-future visions have proven true…

What are our recent and far future like on earth? The following are from C. V. Lamont’s book From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century:

  • By 2061, the atmosphere was less polluted; however, clean water was a problem in the oceans and lake, so the water supply was now coming from the glaciers. Interplanetary travel was possible. contact with extraterrestrials had become commonplace.
  • By 2234, sometimes were made of a special plastic material that could be suspended in the air by an energy source, up to 60 stories high. Education was carried out by computer connection since schools had become too violent by 2100… Earthquakes had caused much destruction.
  • By 2310, communication was mostly telepathic, and humans could travel with or without the physical body.
  • By 2406, wormhole technology was being used for space vehicles. People were taller and had larger brains. Communication was both verbal and telepathic.
  • By 3012, some cities found it necessary to be enclosed in a “protective bubble”, for protection and because of the harsh environmental conditions. Nuclear weapons were still present and as ominous as ever. Terrorist activity and the resultant destruction had begun to worsen by 2785. people wore light-restrictive clothing and numbers were often used for names.

How about being progressed into a millennium ahead of time? What is life on earth like by then? The following excerpt is from Brian L. Weiss’ book  Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy

There are far fewer people, because of a nuclear catastrophe or plague or the lowering of the fertility rate. People are content, happy, blissful. The scene is idyllic.

The earth is very green, much greener, and more fertile than it is now. The forests are lush, the meadows filled with flowers. But funnily enough, there are no animals. Why, when there’s so much food for them to eat? There aren’t many people, either. They can communicate with one another telepathically, and their bodies, less dense than ours, are filled with light. They live in small groups, not cities, in lovely houses made of wood or stone, and they seem to be farmers. I can see liquid or liquid light pouring into the plants; sometimes the liquid pours into the people themselves. The people are extremely spiritual. I can’t see any illness, any real anger, or any violence or war. There’s a certain translucent quality to everything, a permeating light that connects everyone and everything in peace.


Hypnotherapy Age Progression and future life progression CDThis CD takes you to both age progression and future life progression experience.