Spirit Guides Among Us

It has come up one time before, a 19-year old girl who was doing nannying came to have a past life regression experience. Her hair was dyed rainbow colours. Her presenting issue was troubling her boyfriend. Later she told me she was also attracted to women so basically she was bi-sexual.

I remember she loved talking. If I hadn’t stopped her, she could have sat on the couch and spoken forever. I stopped her, and we went to hypnosis. After reviewing one past life, she went to the in-between state, where she started to tell me, in a quite different way, that she was the spirit guide for a very young frightened girl miles away. I asked her how she did the guide work while still in physical. She said, “When this body sleeps, I go out and help.”

* * * * * * *

Leon was the second case of this. He is 28 years old, with the brightest eyes I’ve ever seen. When he came in, he said he wanted to set up with 5 sessions on a weekly basis, exploring past lives, life-between-lives, learning his life purpose, speaking to his higher self, finding his soul-mate… Leon already worked with another hypnotherapist and this time, he wanted to go deeper.

I like it when a client takes time to do the exploration in a relaxed manner and allows time to absorb and gives me the freedom to intuitively guide. Leon was one of those people who felt that he already knew me because he “read everything” on my website.

Guiding Leon was a very easy job, regardless of what he thought about his hypnotisability. It was a life of adventure. He was good at poker games. He played well, though at times he’d lose money. Once he borrowed money to play, and later was chased and threatened by the lender. He had to take his family down to his cousins’ village to avoid any potential danger. There he did it again – borrowing his cousin’s money and going to play, eventually, he made all the money back and repaid the loan. In the later part of that life, he’d make enough money to buy a ranch and raise 18 horses.

In this current life, as a self-taught player, Leon played poker games and made enough money to come from an Eastern European country to Canada at the age of 22. His ability to listen and to read people accurately helped him in playing.

When Leon came back for the follow-up sessions, he was as usual very eager and excited. He told me nothing mattered more than our weekly explorations at this moment in his life. I asked if he had any requests. Leon said there was not more to add to what we already discussed. He said he trusted me. And we went to explore.

22 was the number that came up when I asked how many lifetimes he had. Out of the 22, there were only 3 female lives. For some reason, I felt we could go to one of the female lives to gain a different perspective.

It’s a black slave’s life, born into slave parents. At the age of 13, she was sold and had to take a ship to start to work on a farm, and later a coffee plant. Throughout her life, she’d been constantly raped by the white master, laboured, and lived a life of utter powerlessness.

She hanged herself one dark night at the age of 45. After leaving the body, she went to the life review stage where the soul (I’ll start to use “He” from this moment on) sat in front of a huge screen watching the highlights of the black slave’s life. It was a life to experience negative emotions, suffering, and powerlessness. Being a woman and constantly raped, energy is changed inside. It left the mark on the being.

After that life, the soul decided to take a break from incarnations.

“So what do you do when you take a break?” I asked.

“I guide people.”

“You mean, you become a spirit guide?”

“Yes. I’m always a spirit guide. There are things that I have mastered and I am experienced in as a soul.”

“Like what?” I pursued.

“I push people towards the dreams they want. I understand humans deeply. They hold on to the little they have and fear to go for their bigger dreams.”

“So when you take a break, you go about and guide people. Do you have a name as a guide that people can call upon?”

No name came up. He said, “I know when they need me. I feel it in me.”

“Give me an example of how this happens.”

“There’s this woman in Portugal. She is meditating, asking for guidance regarding her relationship. I’ve urged her a few times that the relationship has already ended and it was time to move on, but she didn’t listen. This time I’m going to shower her with my energy. It’s easier when she meditates. When she feels my energy, she feels safe. Then the message may get through.”

“So does she get the message?”

“Yes. She wants to leave the relationship. But she is asking for further assistance to take action. I evoked in her the feeling that he feels, so she knows exactly what to say to him. That can cause him to take a crystal ball, and smashing it on the floor. That’s it. Broken, like the relationship.”

“Why are you so involved in this?”

“Her soul-mate is coming. She’s asking for it.”

On this same subject, I have made a video.

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