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Pain Body, Wolf, Ghosts, and Laughter

Pauline, who lives in Europe, found me online. She had been googling ideas about physical pain and the role the subconscious mind played in that pain. She was especially focused on “pain caused by accidents”. During her search, she came upon my blog post: A Dialogue with “Pain Body” in Hypnotherapy.

I was a little bit surprised that someone would initiate a session with me based on that article about pain-body, because I was not talking about physical pain in that blog post at all. And she seemed to be very eager. The moment she booked one online session, she sent me the payment twice.

As if reading my mind, when the Skype session began, Pauline said, “I know you talked about psychological pain in your article, and the idea of ‘pain body’ you mentioned came from Eckhart Tolle, who I read a lot and understand that aspect. But I still want to work with you even though I’m going through physical pain. Let me explain.”

In her explanation, I understood that Pauline is a very physically active person. She loves exercises and sports, besides, she travels all over the world teaching short courses as an independent consultant for academics. She has a Ph.D. degree. In the past years, she had many accidents. When one ended, another would start. She would have a skiing accident. As that healing was taking place, she’d go sleighing and damage her left knee; followed by the accidental tearing of the tendon of her right shoulder, creating pain at night. Recently she fell and bruised her legs…

Since she was very young, Pauline has noticed things were thriving on her physical. Then she would have a “bad thought”, and she’d fall. Now in her late 50’s, Pauline was very frustrated and tired of being in pain. Her husband now always worried about her, not knowing what the next injury was going to be…

As I guided Pauline into a hypnotic trance, her breathing shifted into a very slow and deep rhythm. We went through a progressive relaxation, paying particular attention to the left knee, right shoulder, legs… thus setting up a dialogue with the part of her which knew why the accidents happened. When I saw the time was right, I invited the part to come forth and speak with me.

Surprisingly, the part identified herself as “Child”. I then asked, “Child, how old are you?”

“Two.” Pauline showed that she was obviously scared. She started to sob.

“Little Two, tell me what’s going on.”

Between tears, “Child” said, “I… I am scared of the wolf.”

“The wolf? What does the wolf do that scares you? Child?”

“It’s dark. The wolf likes to scare me. I can only hide. I don’t know what to do. I want to become smaller and smaller so hopefully he doesn’t see me.”

“Can you do that, becoming smaller and smaller?”

“No. He sees me and he terrorizes me. It’s a terrorizing creature.”

“What does the terrorizing creature want from you, Child?”

“I don’t know…. Oh! He wants my soul!”

“That’s right. He wants your soul, because you have a soul, and maybe he doesn’t have it.” Pauline’s body crawled into a fetus position. She was shaking and crying. I continued to guide her in a way I’d speak with a little child, “I want you to breathe deeply now. And I want you to know that anyone with a soul is 100 times stronger than those who don’t. That’s why he wants to terrorize you by appearing he can have power over you, but your soul is where the power is.”

At the moment, I could only play along. Pauline was still shaking and crying.

I continued, “Now Child, is this the first time that the wolf terrorizes you? Or have you had this experience before?”

“It’s not the first time. It has shown up many times before.”

“Yes, for many times the wolf has threatened you. He said he was going to take your soul, or even maybe he was going to kill you.”

Pauline nodded her head. With this confirmation, I said, “But you are still here, alive, with your soul. I know you are only two years old, but you are a smart one, aren’t you? Can you see that the wolf can’t actually do what he says he is going to do, but can only say it?”

Pauline nodded her head again. Soon she stopped sobbing, and her tone changed. Pauline the adult self assumed herself back, and she told me, “Eighty percent of me understands what you are saying. There is twenty percent that is very scared still.”

I love it when a client gives me the clue and instruction in a session like that.

“All right. I am speaking to the twenty percent right now. I know you are scared. I also know you are a VERY important part of Pauline. What I want to tell you is that, it is okay to be scared.” All of a sudden, Pauline’s facial expression changed, and she crawled into a ball. The tears streamed down her face again. She looked like a helpless two-year-old again. I continued, “That’s right. It’s okay to be scared. And you can let it all out now. Very soon, you’ll feel much better and lighter after you have cried it all out. And then you can tell me, what exactly scares you?”

“Them. The ghosts. They scare me.”

“Ghosts!” We were just one week before Halloween. I put it out – Well It’s a North American thing, but Pauline did say that she traveled the world – “I bet you don’t like Halloween.”

“No. I’m always terrified to sleep by myself. Sometimes I hear them. I can feel a chilly cold sense when they come to me. Now I remember…” Pauline’s tone changed back to her adult self again. She straightened her body, still eyes closed, “I remember my family house when I was a kid. I was always terrified by the basement, especially when I went there by myself.”

“What was it about the basement?”

“I could feel something was not right there. And I remember another time; we hired a psychic who confirmed that the house was haunted. But before that they didn’t believe me. I’m just scared.”

“Was the psychic scared of the ghosts?”

“No, she was not.”

“But you are, aren’t you?”

“I’m not a psychic. I don’t have a psychic’s power.”

“Do you know those ghosts?”

“No! It’s scary.”

“Since you don’t know them, this may not be a fear of ghosts, but a fear of the unknown.”

I was about to say that we were all ghosts living a seeming human life. But Pauline was nodding her head in complete agreement on that. So I continued, “Since this is a fear of the unknown, and remember that wolf who wanted to feel empowered by having your soul? You are a soulful being. Your soul is your light. I want you to find your soul now, therefore find your own light.”

Pauline’s face softened. She smiled, “Yeah, I’m feeling much better now.”

“That’s right. Now I want you to wear your soul as your jacket. Feel that light all around you as you wear this jacket of light. Because of your soul, everywhere you go now, it will be full of light. You do understand it, don’t you?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Now with that jacket you wear as your soul, with the sound of my voice, let’s go down to the basement of your family house. You don’t have to rush. Let’s go down slowly, as slowly as you comfortably can. Like a child tiptoeing into a swimming pool, make sure with every step you take, that you are safe.”

“Yes, I’m there now.” Well, that was even faster than I was about to guide.

“Now that you are there, and the place is not dark anymore because of you. What do you see?”

“I see a girl child.”

“A girl child. How old is she?”

“She’s about five.”

“What is she doing?”

“She’s just standing there, in the washing machine area.”

“Now you are seeing her. Does she see you?”

“She saw me. But the moment she saw me, she started to drift away…”

“Interesting. You never thought about that, did you? It’s as if she’s afraid of you. The ghost is afraid of you!”

“No. I never thought about that!”

“That’s how powerful you are. Maybe you are a psychic too, after all.”

“No. I am not.” Pauline insisted.

“So you are sensitive enough to see ghosts, but not psychic enough to know them, therefore you often get caught up in fear.”

“Exactly that’s it.”

“You know, my eyes can see.” I was not even sure where I was going with it, but my words continued, “And I can close my eyes. Then I don’t see. But just because I don’t see with my eyelids closed doesn’t mean I need to call myself a blind.”

That very moment, Pauline burst into a loud laughter. She laughed so hard that she brought herself out of trance and popped open her eyes, becoming fully awake and aware. She continued to laugh, for a good 10-minutes, while wiping her face with tissues. The laughter became very contagious. I looked at the iPad screen and had a good laugh myself. Laughter is the best medicine. I knew Pauline was centering herself and the 80% and 20% were coming together organically that way.

Pauline finally stopped, and she gave me a deep bow, “I think that’s it for today’s session. I know the time is not up yet, but I have got what I need, and so much more.” With that, she started to laugh again, and we both turned off Skype.

Just when you think you know who you are, you find out more. Who knows? Maybe, Pauline, not only are you a psychic, but you are also a comedian.

One day later, I received an email from Pauline:

Dear Kemila,

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for yesterday!

It is interesting there were some snags (from my unconscious/something else). I had used the payment link on the 4th as soon as I had received your email. But yesterday there was no trace of payment! So I paid again. And then just a second before you were going to ask my unconscious to speak up, it woke me almost all the way out of the trance.

And still we succeeded with a beautiful and totally unexpected outcome.

And then a beautiful synchronicity 30 minutes later. I’m part of a “healing” group who meets on skype every Tuesday. I had not mentioned our outcome, but topic of the night suggested by Bharti became increasing clairvoyance!!!! (And for the first time in my life I wasn’t terrified by the thought of this!)

Thank you vastly!!!!! It was so lovely to work with you. You were perfect to help me with what I needed!!!!!!!!

With lots of love,


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