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A Wanderer’s Journey

Randy came to see me specifically for Past Life Regression. One of the things he shared with me prior to the hypnosis part of the session was that he always felt that he was a “wanderer.”

It turned out this young man does wander.

I took Randy down the hypnotic stairs, down a hallway, and entered one of many doors to a past life of his. In that open scene, Randy described he arrived in an outside setting and it was daytime. When asked if he was alone or with someone, Randy said, “There are people around, but I don’t recognize them.”

I asked Randy to describe more where he was. “Very green… I feel very peaceful,” came the answer.

“There are people around.” I echoed, “What are they doing?”

“They sit amongst each other, sort of having a picnic, but nobody is really eating. They are just enjoying each other’s company.”

“Do you have a sense that you know them? Or are they strangers?” I was not sure if I was speaking with a past-life personality, or still Randy’s consciousness.

“I have a sense that I know them, but I don’t feel…” He seemed unable to find the right word.

“Don’t feel they are friends?” I offered my best guess.

“But everyone here is a friend!” Randy corrected me.

“So everyone here knows each other?”

“In a manner of speaking, yeah.”

I then redirected Randy’s attention, in that supposed past life, to focus on himself. He described that he was barefoot, male, with long hair, wearing white, and actually, now that he started to notice, everyone else was wearing white too.

“Look around one more time,” I instructed him, “see if there’s one person that for whatever reason would stand out for you at this moment, even though everybody was a friend in a manner of speaking.”

“I feel there’s a small kid…”

“How old is the small kid?”

“5, or 6.”

“A girl or a boy?”

“A girl.”

“Get closer to her. Does she notice you as well?”


“Ask her, what her name is.”

“There is no…”

“No real name?” I started to sense that this is not an ordinary “past life regression”.


“Then how do people differentiate each other?”

“They don’t seem to be… talking.”

“So any communication that’s needed is through…?”

“Through knowing, I guess.”

“Like telepathy?”


“Okay. Communicate with this girl now, telepathically, who she is, even though she doesn’t seem to have a name?”

“It just seems like I know her. I’m not sure.”

“Telepathically communicate with this girl. Does she know you?”

“Yes and no. More like knows about me, but not me personally.”

“Ask her if she has parents.”

“Feels like I’m one of the parents.”

“So you are the dad. Ask her who’s the mom.”

“She’s pointing out to the distance. There’s a group of people.”

I took Randy “home”, with further instruction that it means a place he normally sleeps at night. He went to a very small room, shaped like a semi-dome, with another half of it sharing with someone else. Inside the dome, it was very basic, a single bed, a chair, a desk, and a bookshelf with books.

“Is the shelf full of books?” With nothing else to focus on, I decided to go for the books for more information.


“What are the topics?”

“Quite wide.”

“Are they all your books?”


“Allow your hand to go over and instinctively pick up your favourite book. What’s it about?”

“It’s not a very big book. It’s the red cover. Just golden title saying, The Good Life.”

“Is it fictional, or non-fictional?”

“It’s a story about someone I look up to. He put himself in difficult situations and found the right way out. It feels fictional, but I feel he is somewhere some-when.”

“So you admire him for finding his way out? Or do you admire him for putting himself in difficult situations?” I was intrigued.


“What’s his name?”

“I got two names. Joseph and Randy.”

At the moment, I was almost sure my client Randy “wandered”, in the trance, straight to an in-between lives state, or an after-death state. That explained why the little girl knew about him as a spirit, but did not know him “personally”. I asked him to go back to the book cover and see who the author was.

“James A-R-U-I-T-C-K-A.” Randy spelled out the surname.

Another aspect of this being? I decided to move on for now. “Where do you have your meals?” I asked.

“Seems to be a shared hall.”

Sounds like a shared community. I continued with my question, “Within the community, what’s your job?”

“A sort of teacher. Not high up, more like a teacher’s assistant.”

“Who is your teacher then?”

“A female. There’s a romantic connection. I keep seeing her smile. There’s something about her compassion that is very interesting. She was looking after the little girl when we first came in.”

“Is she the mother of the little girl?”

“We have comfort sharing the young ones together if that makes sense.”

The community seemed to be about 3,000 people. I asked Randy where he was before he came to the community. That was when Randy really went to a past life, in which his name was James. He found himself in a desert, all by himself. The year was “before the calendar was invented.” I took him further back in time, before he went to the desert, he was living in a town as a very young adult. Then his parents died in an accident. He felt he didn’t belong there anymore. Seeking somewhere with a different value of compassion towards one another, he moved away.

James kept travelling, alone. Eventually, he got lost in the desert. That was when James/Randy realized that he was “brought to” the very green place after the physical body died. “I don’t think I ever managed to leave the desert.” Looking back, James/Randy said. Without food or water, the body of James fell over.

The female teacher with compassion greeted him and brought him to the very green place, his true community. He’s a teacher in training – One that people would normally call “spirit guide” in training.

That was the place we learned the lessons in the life of James.

Not being who he truly is, out of fear, just fitting into a group was the theme for many lifetimes. From that perspective, James’ life was a “good life” for the soul, as it chose to leave.

In the semi-dome room, all the books are about characters that Randy could relate – Maybe that’s what people would normally call Akashic Record? I wonder.

Randy confirmed that the same teacher was also one of his 8 or 9 spirit guides in this life. The 5-year-old girl from that “green place” turns out to be Randy’s sister.

That initial place is a place where Randy starts and returns, learns and teaches.

As if Randy was not sure if he had enough to teach. I sensed his low self-confidence regarding teaching, or the fear of exposing himself. Randy confirmed that fear had a connection with another lifetime. With limited time left, we quickly went into a female life. She was small. There was an attack from some sort of animals, or wild creatures. Everyone else could outrun her. With panic, and feeling abandoned, she was attacked and died.

Our session time came to an end. But it seemed Randy’s journey had just started. What came to Randy’s mind was that it all made sense to what he had noticed of himself, on the deepest level, how he had felt. I joked to Randy that I myself could relate to Randy’s wandering spirit, feeling “homesickness” to places I have never been. “Home is the next new place.” As I would normally say. Even the session itself was true to his spirit, we wandered along. As the awed Randy was leaving our session, I wished him happy journeys.

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