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From Abduction Experience to a Past Life

Abduction and PL sRecently I have had a lot of people contacting me inquiring hypnotherapy services for helping remember some alien abduction memories.

The reasons people feel they have certain memories to be retrieved are different – a sense – a glimpse – missing times – friend’s advice…

As extraterrestrial or alien existence has not been acknowledged by mainstream, these people suffer from a lot of self-doubt and disbelief of their own experiences and memories.

I offer help not by believing in the “alien stuff”, nor disbelieving the “alien stuff”. I accept what the individuals have experienced is true to them, and do my very best to help them make sense of the experiences.

In hypnosis, after the trance state is induced, it is very easy to re-live the experience. Even though some would call these experiences trauma, as there was a lot of fear involved, what I have found is that the experience was not all negative. In fact, most of them were not.

Gray beings were mostly reported in the abduction phenomenon. I assume like humans, there are “good” people, and there are “bad” people with different agendas. Not all Grays are the same. After some understandable and benign abduction regressions, Vivian’s case was a surprise to me.

Those Gray beings were short. When Vivian recalled that she was on a table, there were three Grays on her right side. They were watching Vivian’s reactions. They had implanted something in Vivian’s energy field, to immobilize her.

Vivian didn’t feel anything knowing that she couldn’t move. Grays were watching and reading everything.

They could read Vivian’s mind, her reaction and every sensation. I instructed Vivian to send a question to them, “Who are you?” They didn’t acknowledge the question. They remained curious on Vivian’s reaction. I insisted on a dialogue, asking one of them to come and speak to me through Vivian.

– Why are you doing this?
– Because we can.
– Do you do other things to human beings?
– For reproduction.
– Do you need Vivian for that?
– We have.
– Have you taken her eggs?
– Yes.
– She has hybrid children?
– Yes.
– How many?
– More than 35.
– Was she here on your ship many times before?
– No.
– What are you doing right this moment?… Are you just observing her?
– Yes.
– Why are you so curious about her?
– It’s a test.
– Where did you put implants in her?
– All over.
– To monitor what?
– Ever major sensation area.
– Why do you need to know that?
– To make sure she is controlled.
– Why her?
– To study.
– Why her?
– Her light was bright. We have the opportunity to harvest light now.
– Do you know what is light?
– Yes.
– Tell me.
– Light is power.
– What is power?
– Power is to control.
– You know this is against her free will?
– We don’t care.
– But her free will is violated. You must stop. You didn’t have her agreement to start with, did you?
– If you want it to stop, you will need to find another way.
– You are unable to stop it?
– We can….
– Do you report to someone?
– We have the same agenda. Divine intervention is the only thing to stop it.

I then called upon the divine intervention, St. Michael. Gray left, suspending Vivian in a cloud. Vivian realized she needed the light of God.

Self directed, Vivian called upon the Father to come and take her away from this state. Vivian still had the implants in her joint, cold legs, and feet, as she could feel them. I tried to call other more intelligent technicians from the same race as Gray to remove the implants. Vivian wouldn’t trust.

I brought Vivian up to a healing temple, where there were guides, masters and healers, to remove whatever was not her own.

There was a pool of water, where Vivian soaked herself in, allowing the magic water to restore her back to her natural self.

Still with some resistance, Vivian came to realize that she came in this life with a certain agenda, which was connected with a previous life of hers, in which she was held in captivity and she lost her faith – “God does not come to rescue me.”

The higher self of Vivian instructed us to visit that past life.

As a high priestess, in that ancient life, she was captivated, tortured and sexually assaulted over and over again, used as a baby vehicle, constantly got pregnant and gave birth. Dark skinned, she could feel the perspiration on her body and the exhaustion. It was during that time that she wondered why God had not come to rescue her.

“God help me.” was the last conscious thought when she died.

Pulling herself out of the body, she could still see the body, in its bad shape, yet, she could feel the freedom.

The soul moved on, floating and enjoying the freedom. Connecting with the thought “God help me” she found herself in the light, and being light.

In the light, she found her guardian angels. They were her family. “You made it.” Was the first thing they said to her.

The angels answered all her questions. “I originally went there to spread the light, not meant to be there long, and I got caught.”

Kiethel is her spirit name, meaning purity and innocence… In that life, one of the priests saw her light. He had the ability to look into the light. He wanted some of it for the breeding. They did not know that didn’t make the soul with light. The light doesn’t come along the bloodline, but it comes from the soul.

“My work is with children at night during the dream state. I rescue children from the dark. That’s my job. For many years of time.”

Through reviewing that lifetime, Vivian came to a realization that it’s up to her to know that she is always safe, no matter what, that she is always intact.

“I just have to grow on that idea, knowing that this is just a grip on my radar. Even it feels real on the surface. I’ve always been wanting to do some of my project but not able to do because this is so overwhelming. If I sit down for a period of time, the thing going on in my body disturbs me. I have to put it into my thinking that this doesn’t matter. Let it go. It doesn’t matter, no matter what. It’s like having a bully in school. You go to school everyday. Either you give the bully your attention, or you do what you need to do anyways.

And I know that’s what it takes to release it. I know that God is always protecting me, no matter what.

I am going to start and have some fun. And let this go. “

Her angels take her to a place to restore her back to her purity and innocence, joy and love. They said this was the cleaning up lifetime for Vivian.

What to do now? I asked the angels.

– Release, release, release.
– How can a captivated body release?
– We all have the power to take our mind somewhere else. We don’t have to be present for every moment. The mind is free wherever the body is. Mind is always free.
– If I take that further, what you have just said. What about implants in her? How can she apply for that?
– It is thought that manifests in the physical. By thought, changing perceptions with feelings, a new reality can take place. Love. Love everything no matter what it is and the energy of love will permeate the manifestation, and change it to love.
– Are you saying even love the implants?
– Hmmm. To have dominion over everything, love it no matter what. Intention is everything. With your thought, your focus, and your feeling, things, even the implants can be changed.
– So we don’t need to fight anymore?
– No.
– What’s Gray’s agenda?
– Control. They have their agenda. Because they are God’s creatures, they are allowed to do what they are allowed to do. If you come under their influence, and you don’t want to know any better, you will stay with that vibration until you know.
– So even through this process, the unwilling participation, she can learn something. Is that what you are saying?
– Yes. Their agenda is allowed, what you can focus is on your own agenda. Change it. Change it.

With that, Vivian opened her eyes all on her own, terminated the hypnosis session, and said, “That’s it. I’m going to change it.”

The rescue has come after all, on a totally different level.

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