Hypnosis for Manifestation

hypnosis for manifestation Kemila ZsangeThe beginning of a new year always gives us a lot of refreshed energy to have dreams and goals renewed. It provides a new outlook for things and opportunities that we’d like to manifest in our lives.

The process of manifestation is not exactly the same as goal setting and achieving. Traditional goal setting is more controlled and planned. It is more focusing on action taking. There is often some forceful energy in the goal setting.

Manifestation is looser in that sense. It’s more about allowing.

Therefore I feel goal setting is more like “science” – It can be a step-by-step process, while manifestation is “art”.

The art of manifestation starts as a heart-felt desire. The desire is inspired. It is based on the natural desire to be, do and have, to actualize one’s potential, to live fully.

Any action taking towards that heart-felt desire is also inspired, not calculated. Therefore emotions are very important in playing the game of manifestation. Watching how we feel about the subject is a very important component of the manifestation process. The art of manifestation is not really about efforting, or trying hard, as none of those have anything to do with art.

Thus manifestation is not just a mental journey. It is not just an action journey. It is more an emotional journey. Of course, you think, and you act, but if emotions are not clear, or ignored, no thinking or action can compensate. Emotion is vital in manifestation process.

The reason is that emotions are indicators where the subconscious mind is at, aligned or misaligned with the conscious mind. When there is alignment, there are positive emotions. When there is misalignment, that’s when we experience negative emotions. Emotions are vital because it is the subconscious mind that really brings things into manifestation.

The final key in the process of manifestation is the idea of absence of attachment.

If I can differentiate attachment from expectation, I’d say attachment is insistence of what the outcome should be, and expectation is about feeling good and getting excited, like “I expect this to turn out well in the end, even though I don’t insist how the ‘well’ should look like in the process of it”.

Of course there are times when the desire doesn’t match what is. Remember you expect things to turn out well in the end, maybe that is because it’s not ended yet. Maybe that is just one stepping stone to the next manifestation. Our conscious mind is not designed to know how and when things are manifested ahead of time. To balance between expectation and non-attachment, feeling good is the key. As long as we care enough of our feelings and always reach for a better feeling state, or constantly reach for a feeling of relief – after all, isn’t this what psychological therapies are about? – we are on the right track of manifestation.

To engage the subconscious mind, one way is to get in touch with the emotions, moment by moment. Also we can learn to purposefully and skillfully communicate with the subconscious mind, to align its motivation with our conscious desires. Involving hypnosis and hypnotic state is the quickest way to get that.

The next Hypnosis for Manifestation workshop in Vancouver BC is starting on August 4, every Thursday evening from 7pm to 8:30 for four weeks. We will have a lot of discussions and do hypnosis in the sessions. You will also learn how to hypnotize yourself for the manifestation process. Bring your own dreams and desires to the very affordable workshop and together let’s watch them manifested into your reality.

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