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Our Space Brothers

space-brothersFrom time to time, I am contacted by people who had some “other worldly” experiences, namely experiences with extraterrestrial beings, be it sightings, encounters of all sorts or even abductions.

I found the biggest struggle with these people is not necessarily the experiences themselves – They have survived, obviously, no matter how out of control they felt in those situations – but that they cannot make sense of the experiences. They suffer from the lack of sense-making therefore the inability to share the experiences with others.

One man in his fifties I’ll call Johnny had multiple times of close encounters with those space beings, and he came to see me self-diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He claimed that he had seen all the top psychotherapists and psychiatrists over the twenty something years. He was devastated some years ago when he was not diagnosed as being crazy, because he thought he’d be medicated and that would end the problem.

“What was THE problem that you wanted to end?” I asked him, because I knew being institutionalized and medicated may exempt going to work, but it will not necessarily end the those experiences.

“The problem is the terror.” Johnny answered. Then he told me, “Once one psychiatrist actually believed what I said about my encounters. And I never went back. He had to be nuts to believe me!”

Ah, here’s the clue. The real problem was that the experiences were so surreal, so unbelievable, yet it was so real for him. Between believing and not believing, he left himself no room to be.

Next thing I knew Johnny was saying that he could offer me newspaper clips from the eighties and other witness’ phone numbers if I wanted to verify some of his stories.

It seemed to me that it was important for him that I believed his stories; but the paradox was that if I really believed him, he’d just fire me for being “nuts”.

I told Johnny I only believed one thing: that whatever he told me was true for him. He was in my office for peace of mind. That I could certainly help.

I guided Johnny to go through some of the experiences in details. One of the stories was this:

Johnny and three other people were driving down a highway in a desert one early morning. All of a sudden, there was a UFO landing in the desert from the sky. The driver was distracted, wanted to stop the vehicle. Out of distress, he stopped the vehicle into a ditch. Johnny as well as others went to hide themselves inside and outside of the vehicle (Some went out to take photos, then got more scared). There were crying and screaming, and Johnny lost the rest of the memory rather than back on the road again.

In hypnosis, Johnny eventually recalled the rest of that story, and many other experiences. While remembrance was happening, I made sure to neutralize the experiences every step of the way. The process of seeing the “horrific experiences” neutrally was new to Johnny. The previous “trauma” experience was the result of conditioning of seeing the unknown as a negative experience.

I am not here to say that there are not those extra-terrestrial beings that are negatively oriented to our best interest, but we know just because someone is from a “foreign” country doesn’t automatically make the person a friend or an enemy. There are different kinds of ET beings, just like there are different kinds of foreign countries.

Maybe to their perception it is not a negative act that they are involved in. Negativity can simply be a point of view. What is negative for one person can be positive to another. So ET beings may not necessarily intend negativity to us. They may be simply going about putting together experiences that they feel will be positive and uplifting for themselves but that exclude us for the most part in terms of what it is they are after.

In a nutshell, Johnny’s problem was not that it was a “traumatic experience” on its own, but that when his real experience told him one thing, he still looked to the media and the institutions of educational systems to determine what was real or not, what could actually occur or what could not occur.

When we learn to look within our own self to determine what is and what is not possible for us and for others, we stay open, and therefore we can have more room to discover and find out the truth.

There are many overlapping layering realities involved between our society and other societies. We could say there might be a little bit of extra sensitivity around these matters. But we don’t have to get pulled down into it.

Since we don’t really know much about other worlds, since no matter how out of control Johnny felt in those abduction experiences he still survived, maybe it is possible that we can permit ourselves to have more peaceful contact, so that we may give ourselves a chance to develop mutually beneficial interactions, mutually beneficial relationships, even bonding and sharing taking place between our earth humans and those in the space.

I imagine one day when the government discloses that space brothers do exist, Johnny and many others will get recovered from PTSD quickly automatically and they’d come out and say, “See? I’ve been saying this for years! But nobody believed me!”

We don’t need to wait for governmental disclosure. We can absolutely look within and develop our own inner knowledge, because until we earth humans become more self-governing, how can we really interact positively with the space brothers without the need for a global governing body telling us what we can or can’t do?

Johnny’s story illustrates how a typical human always looks outside of itself for direction. This includes that we look outside of ourselves for our Creator.

Maybe that’s why the Space Brothers are still keeping their distance, no matter what advanced technology they have – It appears way advanced than ours, according to many of my hypnotic regression therapy sessions.

Imagine an interference from the outer world entering into our human conscious awareness in physical way, we would immediately run up to the extraterrestrial thinking it was like a god, a god-like entity. This behaviour would absolutely prevent us from our spiritual evolvement, and prevent us from the realization that we are our own Creator. The Creatorship is within us, and the ability to recognize that must come from within us. So maybe that’s why the space brothers (or sisters) have to step out of that physical reality experience, for now, so that we would forget about the idea that there might be an external god that would come down and save us, soothe us, comfort us, protect us, and provide for us.

Johnny still has a long way to go for self-empowerment, to realize that he is the one capable of creating the experiences that he chooses.

There are two types of experiences. A is what has happened; B is the story of what has happened. A is always neutral. B is our real experience. B is the one that a therapist normally deals with. The truth is that any B experience is only because we choose to have it, even if we aren’t aware of choosing it. If we are not aware that we are choosing the experiences that we are having, then we made the choice not to be aware that we are the one choosing to have these experiences. We are that powerful.

Fear is an illusory experience, a misperception of our actual nature, and a misperception of what’s actually neutral. To live a happy life, we do not put fear aside. We simply allow ourselves to be free from creating the misperception of fear, the illusion of fear.

I believe the sooner we empower ourselves, the sooner we are in a place to meet those space brothers equally.

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