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Means to Access Past Lives

past life parallel livesWhile I personally believe that a hypnotherapy regression is the most interesting way to access one’s past lives, there are other ways to access the relevant information.

Many children have direct past life memories. While occasional cases would show that they clearly say to their parents, “I was such person in such city or village.” Or “When I was your parent…”, most children express those memories in different ways. For example, the daughter of a friend of mine was born in Canada. When she was one or two years old, she kept calling the stuffed monkey, one of her toys, “malau” in a very clear and confident way. Her parents didn’t know what to make of it, until I told them that the Cantonese word for monkey is exactly what she called it – “malau”.

Does that mean that little girl had a past life in south China? Only time can tell.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, the Canadian-born U.S. psychiatrist, an internationally recognized researcher for reincarnation, had traveled extensively over a period of 40 years, investigating 3,000 cases of children around the world who recalled having past lives. Scientific documentaries have been made according to his research.

Some people have spontaneous past life recalls during their dream state. I myself dreamed more than once that I was a male in Japan. I could feel being in a male’s body, and it felt really like me, because I had the full access to his emotions. Even though upon waking up, I called that a “weird dream”, in the dream itself, it felt very natural.

It helps to ask for the relevant past life information to surface during your dreams, right before you fall into sleep.

Unconscious memories can also be stored in our body. Massage therapy may trigger in some people releasing of stored emotions. Alongside the releasing, past life memories may come to a person’s awareness as images or flashbacks.

Many people have experienced past life memory recall through meditation. Meditation is very similar to self-hypnosis. I’d say by using self-hypnosis techniques one can access meditative state more quickly and purposefully; however, to really access past life memories, one needs to go deeper than normally self-hypnosis.

Psychedelic drugs can also help one recall past life memory, as they alter chemical components of the blood and help create a certain altered state in which the memory recall becomes very easy and obvious.

One other very effective way to access past lives is to have a psychic past life reading. A lot of people ask me if I am psychic. Well to a degree we all are. Like we can all take pictures, and then there are those professional photographers. The professional psychics can get to the point very quickly and timely. I remember when I had my first psychic reading, the tears streamed down my face. Something very deep was touched while the psychic was speaking to me, to my own surprise. That was a Korean general’s lonely life.

Interest in reincarnation is growing. In my practice, I have seen growing number of people wanting to learn their own past lives. In August 2010, New York Times published this featured article Remembrances of Lives Past.

Peter Bostock and his wife _ photographed on a prairie landscape situated just north of Winnipeg Manitoba. 19/08.10 NYTCREDIT: Dustin Leader for The New York Times

Peter Bostock and his wife _ photographed on a prairie landscape situated just north of Winnipeg Manitoba. 19/08.10 NYTCREDIT: Dustin Leader for The New York Times

Should you access past life information? Which means should you choose? It all depends on which stage you are in your life now. And where you are going. Sometimes, the information itself can help you change the perspective. Sometimes there is immediate release. And that is very healing. Ultimately, you are the only one who can tell. And if you have doubt whether you can trust yourself or not, another perspective can always be helpful.

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