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Healing Physical Conditions through Past Life Regression

Daniela’s Story – This is not the client’s real name. This case history was written for, therefore first published on: PLRinstitute.org.

A hypnotherapist’s office may sound like an odd place to go when what you want is to get better from cysts and a brain tumor.

Yet it was out of a great deal of anxiety, frustration, sadness, embarrassment and depression that Daniela contacted me. She is 35 years old, for 12 years she has had breast cysts. 7 years ago, she started to have a brain tumor. She is currently on medication for the tumor, she has had five biopsies and four surgeries for cysts, and yet doctors can’t explain why this is happening to her, nor do they seem able to stop it regardless of the efforts. Daniela is getting married in five months, and planning to have children right afterwards. There is a sense of urgency in the situation, and she feels it’s time to understand why this is happening to her so that she can do something about it. She came for hypnotherapy sessions for past life regression. In our consultation, we agreed to have three sessions to start with. Later on, Daniela came for two more sessions.

Although Daniela was nervous and she said she had never been hypnotized before, like many other people who have walked into my office, she proved to be an excellent hypnosis subject.

Session 1
A simple body dialogue brought us to 4-year-old John in Arizona in 1745. John is playing with a toy train that was made by his father. In that opening scene, John reports he is suffering from a severe headache. Daniela starts to toss around in agony on the couch, experiencing John’s pain. Further exploration we found that two years earlier John’s father was shot to death in the head by a burglar in his own barn. After he died, he refused to leave because he was too concerned about the survival of his family, especially his young son, without him. He attached himself to his 2-year-old son. That’s when John started to have those strange headaches. John lived only till 7 years old.

Upon John’s death, we released his father’s energy. The soul went to the bright light, where he met “the grandpa” – later it was identified as the Archangel Gabrielle – who told him, “Everything is going to be alright.” When asked what Daniela’s condition was about, grandpa explained there was another life where Daniela as a soldier received a bullet in the chest during a war. We then visited that life as an 18-year-old French soldier. He was hiding behind a rock while a crucial battle was going on… The experience was so real for Daniela. I was still forming my questions. All of a sudden, her body went stiff – a bullet has got the soldier.

The soul enjoyed freedom after leaving the body. We did healing work on the ethereal body, and brought closure to those lives.

I spoke with Archangel Gabrielle through Daniela one more time. He confirmed that we needed to go deeper for more work. He also confirmed that Daniela would have two healthy children.

Session 2
When Daniela arrived for her second session, she told me that she started to feel more spiritual doors opening to her. She was very excited, knowing “there is more to life than what we think.” She also seemed to be very ready for our work.

Almost instantly upon counting down from 10 to 1, she started to see herself as a young girl in the forest. We then went backward in time and got the whole picture. She is 17-year-old Greda in 1235, France. Greda’s father is an influential man in the area, a lord of some sort. He owes some important man money; therefore he agrees to pay him back with his daughter. Greda doesn’t have detailed information on the deal. She knows she doesn’t like the man. While they get the horses ready, Greda escapes to the forest. With rage, that man sets fire to the forest. Greda’s right hand is severely burnt. She becomes “useless” as far as the deal is concerned. Being angry with her and ashamed by her, Greda’s father sends her far away when she is 19. She lives in a single room house alone for the rest of her life, farming and raising animals. At 28, she falls and injures her head. The brain injury is not properly healed, and Greda dies at 35.

I was taken aback by the correlation of the time. At 28, Daniela started to have brain tumor. Now at 35, she has embarked upon a self-healing journey. Greda died at 35. With the spiritual awakening, Daniela feels she is being reborn.

Greda died with resentment towards her father, who was identified as her mother in this life as Daniela. Towards the end of the session, we did forgiveness work.

Session 3
Daniela announced that her mother was coming to visit her for two weeks from South America. “I wonder how much that has to do with what was revealed in our session?” Daniela said, eyes wide open. I told her no matter what, this would be a golden chance to bring closure and closeness to them.

This session we went to 1432 Wales. Susie is an 8-year-old girl. She lives with her mother in a house out of the village by the forest. Her mother knows how to make remedies from herbs, and is often called upon by villagers for healing work. One of the days Susie’s mother is called on, and she never returns.

Susie tells me she doesn’t know what happened to her mother, yet on a deeper level she seems very clear about it… On the day her mother was gone, Susie saw black smoke from the direction of the village. As the black smoke starts to be internalized in her own head, she starts to develop headaches.

Left on her own Susie manages to grow up till she is 16. She has certain knowledge of herbs. She receives some help from individuals in the village. One lady is particularly kind to her and always gives her bread, though the whole village keeps their distance from her. Nobody ever mentions anything about her mother.

Susie dies at 16 years old, with severe pain and torment all over her body. Lying on the couch, Daniela couldn’t speak for a long while. Her body was literally going through the painful death experience… Upon death, Susie has immediate knowing that the kind lady put poison in the bread. She also knows that the lady had no other choice, as it was a collective decision. The lady was again identified as Daniela’s mother.

Susie meets the spirit of her mother. We released the black smoke from her system. And forgave the whole village, especially that lady.

It became even more interesting now that Daniela’s mother was coming to visit her.

Session 4
Three weeks passed until Daniela came for her fourth session. She said the visit of her mother was a very good one. She kept hearing from her mother that she has changed, “matured”, “more understanding”…

Daniela also told me a meaningful conversation she had with her mother. She knew she had an older brother who was born prematurely and lived only for one day. Daniela’s mother never talked about him, and Daniela was always afraid to ask, until this visit.

To Daniela’s surprise, her mother was very open on this subject. She answered all her questions, and shared her feelings. That conversation was very satisfying for Daniela.

I decided to use this material and started hypnosis by contacting the spirit of her 1-day-old brother. He came through and confirmed that he only intended to “dip his toes in the water” for that life, to teach both parents to be strong. Daniela’s parents thereafter had 4 children. The spirit also confirmed that he will come back again as their grandson – Daniela’s son. I thanked the spirit and expressed my wish to meet him in person someday.

We then visited the life of Sarah, a mother of 4-year-old Peter, who has this problem with light. Sarah hangs heavy curtains to block the light. She herself also has a strange disease with uncontrollable twitching and moving of her left arm, as well as very sensitive skin. She doesn’t tell her husband Jim about it. Jim is an army man and most of the year he’s not home. Sarah dies at 32.

At the end of the session, Daniela confirmed that the blonde lady Sarah had visited her in her dreams. “I remember the clips of the curtains,” she told me.

Session 5
It’s time for some closure of the journey and to move on. Daniela has been feeling very light, and most importantly, in control. “I don’t feel like I’m subject to fate anymore. I have this sense of control, and that is wonderful.”

By this time, I was also seeing two other clients who were referred by Daniela and from them I knew Daniela felt she was benefiting tremendously from the hypnotherapy work.

I guided Daniela to go to a healing temple, where she lied down and received the healing energies from crystals above her. The different colored crystals arranged themselves in a way to beam down the energies that are needed in different areas in her body. I could see Daniela’s body slowly move and adjust as the imaginary crystals were doing the work on her.

Meanwhile, an imaginary big screen was in front of her. In our guided imagery, she had the remote control in her hand. We were going to visit those lives again from a distance. And “all the while you are looking at the screen, your body is absorbing the healing energy beamed from the crystals. The healing is taking place not only in this life but in the past where the wound may have originated.”

We visited each every life again, and saw them differently, as if the personalities in the screen also received the healing energies. How would their life be different?

As Daniela had the remote control in her hand, a lot of the session went non-verbal. She was indeed becoming the master of healing. The energy that she radiated was healing all the personalities in those past lives.

Upon opening her eyes, Daniela said she felt peaceful, and ready for her new life. She promised to update me about her marriage and health.

And I stay very curious, about the day that I meet her future son.

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