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Is Group Past Life Regression Dangerous?

hypnosis for manifestation Kemila ZsangeAs a new Journey into Past Lives workshop is coming up on Saturday, I received a phone call today from someone who said she was interested in taking it.

She presented herself as someone who believed in past life, then continued by saying that her husband was also interested, but he was skeptical. She further said that she also told her mother about it, and her mother warned her by saying past life regression was dangerous. So she called me, asking my opinion.

I answered, “Of course past life regression is not dangerous, if you ask ME. How can I consciously do something that I think or know is dangerous? I may be a hypnotist, but I’m not crazy.”

The woman laughed a little bit awkwardly, though I didn’t mean to embarrass her. She then asked what she could tell her husband to get him in. I told her to tell him to come in and prove to himself that his skepticism was right, or wrong, if he’d like to.

I found it quite interesting that she was so invested in getting her husband in.

It felt to me rather than talking her husband into it, that woman was about to let her husband talk her out of it. So I told her, and her husband if she cared to, that I have been offering the same workshop in the same community centre for the past four years. There hasn’t been any harm. Besides, I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist, and very skilled in handling any situations.

The woman then asked what she could say to her mother, who commented that past life regress is dangerous. I gave her my answer of the day – “Don’t worry too much about your mother. She will probably believe in past lives in her next lifetime.”

Now jokes aside, if someone says, “Past life regression is dangerous”, you can first ask them, “Have you ever had one?”

When someone doesn’t have first hand experience, he or she can’t really comment on it.

If someone answers, “No I haven’t had one, because it is dangerous.” It is ignorance, like thinking tomato is dangerous. (I’m not making it up. In our documented history, for two hundred years, as late as 1700’s, a large percentage of Europeans thought tomato was dangerous. )

I know past life regression can be powerful, but it’s only human dysfunctional mind that equates what’s powerful to what’s dangerous. Quite strange, power, which is made up by human, is so afraid of in the human world.

So, would you join me, on a Saturday, to find out if you, in a past life, ate tomatoes?

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