Without Trying to Hypnotize You

Without trying to hypnotize you, I’d like you to stare into the graphic art for a minute or two.

What did you experience with that image on the screen? What did you sense, feel? What was your experience with that?

Maybe lots of circles, maybe a depth, maybe confusing, maybe fractured, maybe patterns, or even motion…

It’s a natural thing when you look into such an image and begin to see movement. The brain doesn’t know how to read all the patterns that have been specifically designed, so it starts seeing motions, and many times a motion will draw you into it. Sometimes it’ll feel like it’s coming at you.

As you stare into this, there can also be a sense of disorientation. You can become disoriented from the surroundings as you stare into it. It has a very hypnotic effect. And as you continue to stare into it for a longer period of time, you start to get caught in it. You are pulled into it.

The mind is very patterned in the way it thinks, and the way it interprets light, sound, and sensory inputs. And now the mind is actually creating patterns, creating images that aren’t even necessarily there, but all the time the mind, mesmerized by this, is pulled into it.

In a symbolic way, this is what happens when we come to this physical reality. We take on a physical body, now we are in time and space, which is no different from a pattern like that, except it’s four-dimensional. We get caught in and sucked into it. It is mesmerizing. It has a way of hypnotizing us, and pulling us in.

The body and mind start to feel a little disoriented, because we are going out of another way of perceiving reality. We are getting focused and it takes the body and the mind some adjustment to it. That’s why we get a little disoriented feeling when we first came into this world. Then we get caught into it and played into it until we get accustomed to its mesmerizing patterns.

And then we start saying, “But this is the way it is. We don’t question it. It’s always been done this way.”

When we are deeply in this sense of “reality”, we will do everything to validate it. When one says, “I know I’m caught in here and my mind analyzes and says, ‘Well, it’s black and white and it’s circular and there are lines.’” We can go an Infinitum into trying to describe the physics of that graphic, but it doesn’t matter. We are still in the graphic. We are still in that reality, and it makes it very difficult to see anything outside of that reality.

The only thing that changes the picture here is when one gets a knowingness that there is something more than a pattern.

When the mind ponders everything from creativity, to solutions to old problems, to what’s coming next in our life, to how am I going to live, it’s mostly done from within the graphic, forgetting that there’s so much more. It’s all focused in here, rather than realizing there’s a whole lot more out there.

The mind has a tendency to try to analyze and justify the existence of being in that hypnotic pattern, or in the human reality. Nothing wrong with the human reality, but it’s very limited.

There’s a knowingness that transcends this reality that we all feel we are stuck in, a knowingness that there’s got to be something more than black and white that creates a certain type of reality. But yet the mind still will try to rationalize that status quo, that reality. It will try to figure its way out, and if you really look in there, that just kind of keeps going on and on and on and on. Imagine for a moment, that’s the reality and that’s a lot of our spiritual paths right down that tunnel there. It just goes on, with more of the same.

Stare again at that graphic for a minute or two. Focus is a way of perceiving reality. When a trance gets you, it is hard to find your way out. This classic hypnotic graphic represents the classic misconception that you can get out of a pattern using what’s in the pattern, but it doesn’t work. You’ve got to Alt your reality.

Join us to learn how to hypnotize yourself to get out of a trance that you don’t prefer this May.

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