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Trusting the Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is called unconscious because in the normal day-to-day life, we are not aware of it.

But it is there.

And the unconscious mind can work in the most interesting ways. Often times, life is like a hide-and-seek game that we play. A part of us already knows everything that we ever need to know to have a fulfilling life that is intended to be. Yet consciously we can’t phrase it, we can’t conceptualize it, or we can’t even seem to be able to grasp it.

Now with this trust – that I already know what I’m searching for, we can make the physical journey, the activities and actions, much more enjoyable, calmer and even fun.

When I first immigrated to Canada, not quite settled yet, I went to a summer outdoor event. There was a long table laid out on the lawn. On the table, there were some thin books. I walked over and glanced at them, quite casually. Some of them were traditionally fabric-bound books, with golden words embossed on the cover. The gentleman behind the table said to me, “You can pick one for free. If you want more, you can buy.”

I was quite delighted that I could pick a freebie, even though there was not a single book that I particularly was attracted to. My hand went to a blue book with only one title word on the cover. I did not understand that word. It was not in my English vocabulary at the time.

I took the book and thanked the gentleman. The strange thing was that I actually read it afterwards, unlike many books that I bought and let stand on my bookshelves for years. Or at least I tried to read it, because I found it quite difficult to comprehend due to my limited vocabulary at that time. Maybe I read it because it was just a small book of 61 pages.

My mind said, “I don’t quite understand this book.” Yet my hands continued to flip over the pages, one after another, until I reached the end of the book.

Something about human psychology, that was what I could know after reading the whole book. Another strange thing was that I never actually bothered to look up the book title in a dictionary. It has been my habit of reading. I rarely look up words in dictionaries while learning English. I let the context explain it. If the context doesn’t explain it, I just move on, usually the bigger context explains it anyways.

Maybe I’m more like a scanner than a reader.

The little blue book was tucked away and went hidden in my bookshelf. After that, I moved four or five times in the city, never landed my eyes on the little book again.

Two jobs later, I became a hypnotherapist. One day last year, I was taking all the books off the huge bookshelves into boxes, so that we could move the bookshelves and have the carpet changed. For the first time in somewhat ten years, I saw the little blue book again. I looked at the cover, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course I understood the title immediately. Here’s the book cover.

The Little blue book my unconscious mind picked for me 12 years ago.

The Little blue book my unconscious mind picked for me 12 years ago.

I was bewildered. Three years after I read and forgot the book, I was enrolled in a hypnotherapy program, and subsequently became a hypnotherapist. Schizophrenia has been one of those most used words in my vocabulary ever since. That carpet changing afternoon, I sat on the floor by a box, holding this little book in my hands, couldn’t believe how interesting life circumstance and synchronicity can be. I remember when I was reading the book; I was not even pronouncing this word correctly.

What a marvelous gift our unconscious mind can give us!

Now I know that doing hypnotherapy is my life purpose. There is no single doubt in my mind that this is something I have signed up for before I was even born.

But that was not something that I was consciously aware of at the time when I first moved to Canada. Consciously, at that time, if you were to ask me about hypnosis, the best answer I could have come up with would be, “Maybe it’s something that helps people sleep?”

Yet my unconscious mind just knew which book to pick up, out of all the books on the table, not to remind me of my life purpose, but actually to read and enjoy it.

Now that I am marveling with this unconscious marvelousness, my unconscious mind brought up another incident that was equally quite remarkable.

When I started hypnotherapy practice, I needed a business number. While I was speaking with a Telus agent on the phone, he gave me a list of numbers to choose. 604 is the area code, nothing I could do about it. 687 is the neightbourhood code, nothing I could do about. The last four digits were what I could pick. I went back and forth considering, while being aware the agent was waiting patiently on the line. That was when my unconscious mind decided to take over. Very quickly, I said to the agent, “4325. That was it. I’d prefer 5432 to make it easier to remember, but you said it was not available. For some reason, 4325 looks better than 5432 to my eyes anyways. Thank you!”

It was 3 years later that I realized that 4-3-2-5 are the digits for H-E-A-L. Not a bad combination for a hypnotherapy practice.

And it was 5 years later that I learned 432Hz and its frequency connecting to modern music. Ever wondered why a certain melody just catches your attention, energizes you or makes you happy?

Some call it “God note”. 432Hz is known as Verdi’s ‘A’. It is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.

Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432Hz would make your body, and the organic world which surrounds it, resonate in a natural way. This would fill you with a sense of peace and well-being, regardless of the kind of song chosen to play or listen to.


In my phone number, 432 is followed by 5, the most important number in my life, as it is my life path number (Adding up the birth date, month and year, digit by digit, I get 32. Adding 3 and 2, I get 5). I remember how ecstatic I was one day when I was about 5, I learned on my own how to write the Arabic 5!

I must have an unconscious mind that is always paying attention.

I wonder walking on the physical trail of this life, what else my unconscious mind has in its store for me. I know there are many. After all, the hide-and-seek games have all been designed and hidden by ME, to enable the personality that is “me” to seek and be pleasantly surprised. In traditional sense, this can be called an intuitive moment.

You can find our the schedule of the next Intuition class in Vancouver.

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