A Piece of Kemila's Mind

An Ancient Alien Abduction

Fiona is coming back for the third Past Life Regression session. She has taken a month long break from work. Being a flight attendant, she said her vacation is not about traveling. She wants to do another traveling though, an inward one, through hypnotherapy.

Not only is Fiona interested in knowing who she has been before, but also, more importantly, she wants to find out who she really is, aside from different bodies and minds. She has dedicated this month to this purpose. We set up sessions 4 to 5 days apart.

We’ve reviewed two male lives in the past two sessions. The second one was about a caveman, wearing animal skin on the hip area, living with his tribe. He was a good hunter. On our opening scene he encountered a tiger, face to face. Fearlessly he killed the tiger, and dragged it back to the tribe. Apart from the adrenaline rush that he really liked, he eventually got tired of killing, and learned to eat fruits and other things, and taught his two children to eat non-meat food too. The freed up time he’d spend making status from stones, and making tools with stones. At one point, Fiona in trance notices that there seemed to be more open space in front of his cave as some of the trees were burned for some reason. So a lot of rocks were exposed. He’d carve a lot of images on the big rocks out of his cave. This would eventually attract other tribe people to join him. I asked what kind of artwork they drew, he said, “some beings, creatures.” And he mentioned one of them was about a being with three fingers.

The feel for animal would get him to a point that he’d make friend with a tiger. That tiger seemed very special for him. He’d feel tremendous amount of love around the tiger. They’d hug and play together. Three things got my attention in this session:

1. He can communicate with animals.
2. He seems to have healing hands, even though he himself hasn’t fully realized it.
3. He dislikes snakes and lizards even though he loves animals.

It was a long session with over two hours; yet there was so much more to explore in this primitive yet very intelligent life. I decided to come back to this life in the third session.

So there she is, coming for the third session. My plan was to explore more of this life, go through death experience, and then explore inter-life. I have not told her this plan. Fiona asks if we could do a life between lives regression. I smile. Not sure who is reading whose mind.

I instruct Fiona, after going down the stairway, into the long hallway, to move to the same door as last time, so we can visit the same life as that caveman who we call “Hoo” once again.

Upon opening, Fiona is looking down at a jungle. A strong beam of light is shining upon them, and making the treetops almost fluid-like, as water. There are other tribe people watching in a distance. Only Hoo is at the front. I ask Hoo if they chose him to move forward and study this phenomenon, or if he chose to step up and study it. Hoo said, “It has something to do with me.”

I then ask Hoo to look up along the beam of light, to the source of it. Hoo says there is this round thing, hanging in the air. From the bottom of it, comes this very strong bright beam of light.

K: What else is happening as you watch?
F: It sucks me in.
K: The light sucks you in?
F: Yes.
K: What happens next?
F: (After a long pause) I don’t know.
K: Allow yourself to know it. This bright strong beam of light sucks you in. You can’t help it. There is nothing you can do. Now you are there. Allow all the memories to come. What comes to your awareness? Where are you?
F: … I’m sitting in a chair.
K: Do you feel comfortable sitting in the chair?
F: I feel cold.
K: You feel cold. Where are you? Are you inside?
F: Yes. I’m in a room. I haven’t seen such a room before…
K: Describe the room now.
F: On the right, there are some machines, a screen.
K: Look at the screen. Is it a monitor?
F: Yes.
K: What does it show now?
F: A picture of a human head… there is some wire stuck into my head, so the picture is there.
K: Something stuck into your head… so you know this picture on the monitor is of your head, is it right?
F: Yes.
K: Do you see the head from inside?
F: No. Just a shape of the head.
K: You know something is in your head. Do you feel any sensation there, such as pain?
F: No pain. I feel the same suction feeling there though.
K: What else do you see on the screen?
F: Some squares with lines on the image of my head, with some data. There are something written on the other computer. There are some numbers, as measurements.
K: What’s written there?
F: Symbols. I don’t know how to read.
K: What is your emotion sitting there?
F: Not much. They just do their thing.
K: Have you been up in this place before?
F: (Pause) Four times. Sometimes I see the picture of my whole body on the screen.
K: Look around the room. Are there any other beings besides you?
F: Two others.
K: Look at them. Are they the same kind of beings, or are they different from each other?
F: They are the same.
K: Describe them.
F: There is this one who is opening a drawer, and reading on a long piece of paper –That’s what’s shown on the screen. His face is like a triangle, pointing forward, like a cone. No hair.
K: Do they wear clothes?
F: Something white.
K: Are they bigger or smaller than you?
F: The same height, maybe slightly shorter.
K: Do you feel this is a male, female, or it doesn’t matter?
F: Male.
K: What is another being doing?
F: He’s using his fingers touching on a screen like pressing some buttons… His hand is different, with three fingers, big, big fingers. No nails.
K: So when he touches the screen, things on the screen change, is that right?
F: Yes. Different colours, shapes. I don’t understand them.
K: Is your body free?
F: I can look at them. I can see everything, but I can’t control my body.
K: Since they stick something into your head, probably they already know your thoughts or feelings…. (Hoo nods his head.) So right now you can think some thoughts, sitting there on the chair, think the thought, “Who – are – you?”
F: Okay. I’m thinking it.
K: You will be able to receive the answer, however you do it.
F: The guy who was reading from the drawer looks at me. He has brown eyes… He tells me, “Don’t be scared. We just want to know things about you.”
K: What is your next question for them?
F: Where do you come from?
K: What’s their answer?
F: Far away.
K: Ask them for a name. Far away, which world? What does that mean?
F: So far… that we can’t even see where they live. They’ll give me some information, and I’ll take it back to Earth.
K: How do they give you information?
F: Through the wires, they put into my head, like water, electricity, through some needles, like current – very small.
K: Ask them what kind of information they are giving to you?
F: But I want to know where they come from.
K: So ask them.
F: Something starting with A (When I listened to the session recording, it could also sound like an E).

Letter by letter, Hoo spells it out as A-L-U-C-I-F. I can’t help but notice the strong likeness with Lucifer. Then Hoo tries to pronounce it as “Alantif” or “Alantis”. I pointed out on Earth there was a civilization that is called “Atlantis”. Hoo said, “Yes, they made it.”

Hoo further tells me that those beings, coming from Atlantis, are giving humans information to build Atlantis on Earth. Hoo says the craft will eventually take the tribesmen one by one by one, and give them the same information to take back to Earth so they would build the cities of Atlantis.

Hoo goes on telling me in the tribe, people like to ask him for advice (Hoo is already quite old at this moment.), as when he focuses on his head, he can receive answers. Some answers he doesn’t even know he had. I ask if it has something to do with the wiring information on the ship. That’s when Hoo realizes that he can receive information from another light.

When Hoo talks about another light, Fiona pauses and gets very emotional. The feeling of love is overwhelming. It’s different from the beaming light from the ship. The ability to receive another light is another reason that those triangle-faced beings are interested in him. They are interested in the information that Hoo receives from the other light.

Now that Hoo realizes the difference between the lights, he doesn’t want to be poked anymore, as he is not comfortable with the wires.

I thus instruct Hoo to ask them to stop. Hoo says, “I just take off the wires. They cannot force me. I don’t like it. It’s like that.”

K: Do they stop?
F: Yes.
K: Now. There is this woman called Fiona. Ask them if they implanted something in her as well.
F: They were in the process.
K: Ask them to stop with her as well.
F: Okay.
K: And all through the reincarnations of yourself as well.
F: Okay.
K: What’s their response?
F: They can’t force what I don’t want.
K: Now, how many other earth people are they doing the same thing with?
F: … (a long pause, then not answering the question directly) They are sneaky. But it’s very difficult for them now.
K: Alright, now that you have said no to them…
F: The machines have stopped.

I ask Hoo to connect with the other light, which loves unconditionally. Hoo says he wants to go back first to the village and tell others not to agree to do this.

The beings drop Hoo back. Hoo has to stay in water for a while as the skin is very hot before he is normalized. The tribesmen are happy that Hoo’s back. They ask him about everything. Hoo tells them not to allow the beings to do it with them. Some people listen, some don’t.

I ask Hoo if he is aware that Atlantis will eventually be built. He says yes, starting from his next generation. I don’t know if my client Fiona was aware of Atlantis though.

Hoo lives till he’s 82 years old. On the last day, he’d sits and meditates in his cave, and simply leaves his body through the crown chakra, exactly the same way our first Past Life Regression personality, a local governor, would leave the body.

Fiona’s realizes her dislike of lizard comes from those beings on the ship. Their faces look like lizard. Their touch feels like lizard’s touch. This session also explains how “the open space” in the jungle from the previous session came into being. The ship beams caused it. Fiona also realizes some of the artwork Hoo and other tribe people made on the rocks came from the abduction memories.

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