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Regression into a Probable Past Lifetime – Samantha

Samantha is a very special client, in that even though she is having a very mainstream job as a radio announcer, her spirit is preparing her for what she is really good at: channeling.

This purpose came out spontaneously in the first hypnotherapy session, even though I was just doing regular parts therapy with Samantha, who came to see me for anxiety, finding out what the resistance is trying to communicate. But as if the spirit can’t wait to speak out the soul purpose of Samantha, she seizes the chance and speaks out loud.

“It’s time for Samantha to start doing channeling now. She’s been putting up too many distractions, and got herself lost in it. If she doesn’t stop blocking herself, it’s going to take a lightening to crack her open!”

On our second session, we went back to a past life where she is a 7-year-old boy Jacob. The opening scene is that Jacob, his little brother and their mother run in the forest. Some people are chasing them. There is a point the mother decides that they have to split for Jacob and his brother to survive. She gets caught, and Jacob and his brother manage to hide until it’s getting dark.

Jacob eventually has to let his little brother drown in the river, so he could move on. Where he ends up is underneath a cabin, not far from his village. He’d hide himself underneath the forest cabin for a year – That’s where he can steal food to survive.

I ask Jacob what he does underneath the cabin for a year, he says he talks with those invisible friends all the time, an old lady, a boy and a girl. Those were also the invisible friends Samantha had when she was a little girl until her younger sister was born.

Eventually they caught Jacob and lock him up in a jail. They tell him when he grows older, he will be doing things for the king, to tell the king what he sees about the future. Jacob learns that they think he is special, that he has some ability, that he is a “witch”, like his mother. In the jail, they’d ask him to do some tricks. The only “friends” he made in the jail are spirits.

When Jacob is 21, they bring him to the king. All Jacob knows is that he will perform something for the king. When the king asks him to predict war patterns, to know what other regions are thinking. Even though he knows being a powerful seer is the family lineage, it has always been running in the females of the family.

“But I’m a male, a male can’t be a witch, right?” Jacob would ask me, an observer. It seems the hypnotherapist is the only person that Jacob can express this doubt and question with. In front the king, Jacob has no choice but sit still, close his eyes and try. He knows he can talk to spirits, so he figures, “Maybe I can just ask them and get the answer for the king.”

With his eyes closed, he focuses on “What does the king want to hear and to know”. Eventually he starts to say exactly what he receives: Army is coming… east… east army is coming, fortnight. Spirits say we will lose the battle.

That is the king’s worst fear. In the moment of anger and helplessness, the king orders that Jacob be sent to the tower, from where he is to be thrown off.

I ask Jacob, in the moment of death, looking back, if there was any unfinished business. Jacob comes to some realization, “I wish I had told my mother that I love her. “ After a pause, Jacob continues, “I wasn’t true to myself in this life. I AM a SEER. It’s the lineage in our family, but I wastes all the years hiding. What a waste of life!”

I then ask, “Knowing what you know now, if you could do it again, how would you do anything differently?”

“I would not deny it. I would just be it.”

“How did you deny it?”

“I hid under the cabin for a year.” Jacob sneers at himself.

“Instead of hiding underneath the cabin, what else would you do?”

“I would live my life… I would tell people who want to hear.”

“Would you tell people in the same village, or in a different village?”

“All over the world.”

“Would that make a difference? They would put you in the jail anyway.”

“I know. But that’s my point: I am meant to spread the message! And I didn’t!”

“As a seven-year-old boy, you didn’t know better. You did your best to hide. Now looking back as the 21 year old, even though you know by choosing to be who you are, you wouldn’t make a difference to the outcome and dying at 21 years old, but you may have made a difference –“

“To the world, and to my soul.” Jacob interrupts.

I then ask to speak directly to the soul. The soul-self confirms that they had a plan for the life. Yet Jacob let fear overcome him, being so young and so foolish.

According to the plan, mother was to leave them alone in the forest, as her work was done. Then Jacob would stand out and tell people that he is the seer.

“Many people were lost, because he did not speak. Other people’s lives could be totally different.”

In the opinion of the soul, Jacob completely denied his identity, causing a chain of reaction. He only delivered the message when he was forced to, without choice. That was considered a failure, even though that wouldn’t make a difference for his own ending.

The soul-self continues to tell me, “That life of Jacob has set up failure of many other lifetimes of mine. It set up a pattern for not owning the gift. It set up a pattern for hiding the gift, of not owning who I am, for the illusion of safety.”

I then have this idea. “All right, in today’s work, let’s take a look at this life in another probable parallel reality. Let’s go back in time, when I count from 5 to 1, go back to the forest again. You are just seven.”

There in the moment of splitting, Jacob tells his mother that he loves her. He’d remember what his mother told him, “Stay to the edge, because that’s where the river is… But I have to leave my brother.

Jacob decides to leave his brother by the edge of the forest, hoping someone is going to find him and adopt him. He’d walk back to the village, telling people that his mother is gone, now they can listen to him, for he can deliver messages for them. He’d eventually tell them that the war is coming, in some years. He says they can leave the area now, go across the border to the south.

The most help Jacob does to the village is that there are other seers, but they are not acknowledging that. People come to see Jacob for healing, and for spiritual counseling. A seer for Jacob means a medium in today’s terms. Jacob would not know what to do with them, but he would allow whatever needs to come through to come through for the healing of the person. Jacob uses his action to set an example for others who don’t want to be different and hide their gifts.

It feels good for Jacob to be who he was born to be.

At the age of 15, the king finds Jacob, and locks him up, so that he can use Jacob’s gift when he needs him. From this moment on, life is not much different outwardly from another parallel reality we saw before, that he’d be called out when he is 21, to predict a future. He’d tell the king the exact message that he already told his village when he was seven. The king wouldn’t like the prediction and would have him killed.

At the top of the tower, looking back to this life, Jacob knows he has done well. It feels great to have done what he was supposed to do. Jacob also realized that doing what he was born to do was not harder than another choice. But it was more meaningful.

In the afterlife broader awareness, the soul comes out speaking again. And confirms this life of Samantha is also to be a seer. Samantha needs to let go of the ego, and she is getting there to be who she really is. There will be a baby. Things will start to change fast after she gives birth to a baby boy within two years, as the baby will open channel for Samantha. That future son will be the reincarnation of Jacob’s little brother.

When you understand that time does not exist as you think it does, when you put that together with the idea that the point of power is in the present, then you will not feel at the mercy of reincarnational selves, or see probable selves as a bugaboo, chasing your own consciousness through the night! You will see that your reality is now, and that from that reality, probabilities are cast outward as flowers cast outward their seeds.
– Seth

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