A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Theory of the Mind

To assist some of my workshops, I have made a Theory of the Mind.

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This oval mind is not a closed system though. It has access to the universal mind – the power and Intelligence that has been named by many. It will enable you to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, and achieve any goal that you sincerely desire.

• Madame Blavatsky, the Russian Theosophist, called it The Secret Doctrine.
• Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet and philosopher, called it The Over Soul.
• Napoleon Hill called it Infinite Intelligence.
• Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, called it The Supra Conscious Mind.
• Other names include The Universal Subconscious Mind, The Collective Unconscious, The Universal Mind, The God Mind, The Creative Subconscious, The Super Conscious Mind – and even plainly, The Universe.

There are numerous examples of timeless pieces of art, writing, music, and technological inventions — creations which have sprung forth from this higher connection.

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