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You Are the Reason That I Exist

There are times that I would feel very excited before even meeting a client.

Like Peter

All Peter did was to call me to book the appointment and then he went ahead and did the online intake forms.

It was something in his tone in the way that he filled out the forms that the honesty, openness, objectivity, and the level of trust seeped through his words. Or maybe it was something else that I couldn’t put words to. I noticed that I felt a level of excitement before Peter even showed up for his appointment.

Peter first shared with me his current challenges and desires of moving on to another direction in his life. The session went well without much effort on my end. The next day I received an email.

Just wanted to say that there were some very compelling and insightful moments with our session yesterday. I never expected so much powerful emotion to well up. And I never thought I could go into such a deep hypnosis state as I did yesterday. I’ve been reflecting today on this. I feel that we’ve started to peel back the layers of the onion to see what needs to be revealed and remedied. I have a compelling desire to turn around much of this malaise in my life and am open minded to venture into the mind and see how I can tap into its resources and potential. With you as the facilitator, of course…

I have told a few clients, after we worked together, in an exchange of emails, that I was going to write a blog post titled You Are the Reason That I Exist. It was the inspiration through the amazing work that they created, and I witnessed during our time spent together that this idea came to my mind.

Like Angela

When Angela returned a week later for her second session, she said a few nights earlier she had a dream, which she was not sure if she should share with me. But then she did.

I was leaving your place after a session. My husband was waiting outside. I just turned to you and said, “So I’m going to leave you all my dirty dishes.”

For the life of me, that’s something I would NEVER say or do to anyone! I hate to leave dirty dishes with anybody.

But in that dream I just said it and did it, to you.

Angela looked at me nervously after telling me that dream. I thanked her for sharing. And said, “Yes. It feels good to leave the dirty dishes or dirty anything behind, doesn’t it?” I was glad that Angela actually shared the dream with me. “In that dream you treated me as if you treated a plant. You know, we breathe carbon dioxide to a tree and it absorbs, neutralizes and gives back the oxygen to us. When you leave me the dirty dishes, you give me a chance to be like a plant, absorbing it and cleansing it. Thank you for treating me like… a sage.” I smiled at Angela.

That dream might be a dream of trust. If it felt so good for Angela to play out in her dream what she wouldn’t give her permission to do in waking life, so be it. I don’t take trust for granted. My dedication to my work gives me the purpose to be, in this life in this way.

I’m so lucky to meet people in this meaningful way. Some people, they walk into my therapy room. We are literally strangers to each other, but we connect. I feel their light shining bright. I recognize them. I know them. I see them. I feel very excited to work with them. There is that mutual trust that transcends the first 30 minutes after we meet, and transcends maybe thousands of years. I don’t even hypnotize them. My voice began, and they went into a most beautiful trance.

Which took me to the most amazing places, times, dimensions, realms, galaxies… As the clients’ clarity forms, wisdom expresses, and a stream of awe strikes, my questions become more in-tune, and the answers become more implicitly beautiful. I am with them every step on the way. What a journey! My monotone may be flat. But my heart sings. And my mind dances. I am wise more than time and space can define. I am fresh and new and knowing nothing, like a child. The streams of consciousness move through my clients and I flow with them. Of course, I wanted this life, for this moment.

Who would I be without being this hypnotherapist? I don’t want anything else. I exist. And in this time space reality, nothing is more exciting than this.

Some clients can even resonate with the initial few words to the degree that they just turn their depression around by having a quick phone call.

Like Samuel

Samuel was ready. When he walked in for his appointment, he told me that he was snapped out of the trance of suffering by calling me and making the appointment, because on the phone I said something about his mind that just made sense (I do not remember what it was now).

We had one session and the meeting resolved a problem he had for the past seven years. He sent me this email a few days later:

Dear Kemila,

I’m sure you’re doing well and enjoying this beautiful day, so far.

I wish to express my gratitude for your great help. I feel very good, energized and fully directed.

I feel deeply calm and very positive about the work that is surely setting itself up in my mind.

I was very honoured and blessed to have partaken in your important work.

Keep well and thanks again!

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