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Needles And Hypnosis

Can you believe that it’s the latter part of June already?! The halfway point of this year is upon us.

Although another six months separate us from 2023, there’s never been a better time to regroup, realign, refocus and RESET on reaching where you want to be THIS YEAR.

Back in March this year, I walked into My Rest Acupuncture Studio on Main Street at 18th Avenue Vancouver. I was surprised. As beautiful, tranquil, and peaceful as the open room was, it was just, open! A few massage tables quietly bathed in soothing music and restful energy. I asked my collaboration partner Ala Wroblewska R.Ac, SSE, “How does it actually work, with multiple people being treated in the same room?” Ala looked at me, and replied, “Well, you know, in China, where acupuncture treatment started, it has always been this way.”

My palm went to my forehead. Duh! of course. I laughed. Thanks for reminding me Ala. I do know. How normal and unpretentious all these community spaces are (actually meant to be)! Was it the vast Pacific Ocean or was it 20 years of time between me and the country I came from, that I did not connect?

Well, Ala and I would like to help you with just that – connection. After a sold-out event in March: Peace of Mind – Hypnotherapy X Acupuncture, we are teaming up again to deliver another one. Before the upcoming busy summer, give yourself a gift of reset.

Space is very limited. However, we intend to do it again in the fall season, so if it’s full, please email Ala for a waitlist or pre-register for next season.

Get your ticket here.

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