Peace of Mind Acupuncture & Hypnotherapy Event

Take a break from your overwhelming day and support your nervous system through relaxing acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

Limit to 6 participants.  The fall season will be scheduled soon.

peace of mind, hypnotherapy and acupuncture

About the Event

If you’ve noticed irritation and overwhelm spilling over into various parts of your life or find that you’re having a difficult time relaxing, come in and take a break. Acupuncture supports nervous regulation while your subconscious is tapped into via hypnotherapy. A great way to unplug during the weekend.

This event is hosted in the beautiful, calming space at My Rest Acupuncture. You’ll feel like you’re in a warm alcove in the forest within the nature-inspired décor.

Kemila and Ala Wroblewska, who has been practicing Chinese Medicine for the last six years and is certified as a somatic therapist, will transform stress and anxiety into peace and harmony through working with the subconscious mind and the needles!

If you have extended benefits, you can claim your receipt after the event to submit for acupuncture coverage. Refunds will be issued up to two days prior to the event. If you cannot make the event last minute, we can consider a refund if a waitlisted attendee will replace you.

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