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Guilt, Once is Enough

It’s the holiday season. A lot of things come up with a lot of people, including all layers of emotions.

This is probably going to be the shortest blog I’ve posted, because, well, the title speaks for itself.

While I’m feeling “Baby, it’s warm inside”, I sometimes experience a little chill with my clients, when they are afraid to move forward because they feel guilty about something within themselves.

They feel that they need to feel guilty to keep themselves in check, as if “If I don’t feel guilt, I may run a mock.”

I’m a therapist, I’m not a philosopher. The wellbeing of each individual, especially those who make their way to my practice, is what I care about. So here we go with this wonderful, seeming noble idea of guilt:

To feel guilty will not keep you in check. It’ll make you feel imbalanced within yourself. And when you’re feeling imbalanced, you’ll need to do the opposite (more addictions for example) to balance it out.

So, just the opposite is true. The fact that you are capable of feeling guilt means you automatically know who you prefer to be, and would not actually intentionally do anything harmful, because if you actually believed that you were not a good person, you will never feel the guilt.

The fact that you can feel guilt means that you have nothing to feel guilt about. You can simply rely on the idea that you have the intention to be a good person. That is enough. You don’t need the guilt to prompt you into being a good person. The fact that you have the guilt means that you are a good person, or you would never have felt guilty in the first place. (Okay. I’m already repeating myself in this shortest blog post.)

Having guilt once is enough to tell you that you don’t need guilt anymore about being who you truly are.


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