A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Self-Hypnosis, an Accelerated Learning Solution

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  1. Steve Wilson says:

    I have undergone a Hypnotherapy session under a hypnotherapist in London two years ago. I was an insomniac back then and have been suffering for it severely that i could even manage to do my work properly, i also end forgetting things which made it more complicated. After the third session i had i felt a huge change in me. It was like my mind was reset back into when i was a child, i felt fresh and clean and great.

  1. 01/25/2013

    […] 4. Accelerating Study. Self-Hypnosis can help a person concentrate and focus in the moment. We can even study in induced trance. It’s extremely good for those who are easily distracted, by external stimulus or internal thoughts. Here’s a full blog post on this subject. […]

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