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Greetings from Ashland

Don’t you love the name Ashland? And interesting enough, next to this small town in Oregon, is a smaller town called Phoenix!

Synchronicity? Maybe. Subconscious wisdom? More likely.


832 KemilaThree years ago, I was on a road trip from Vancouver, BC to California. Ever since then, I kept thinking about Oregon as I would love to visit it again.

And of course, as I passed Mount Shasta on that trip, I wanted to go back to it again – The crown chakra of the Earth, some say.


One late summer day in 2010, I saw a car in front of me with a number 832 on the plate. I couldn’t help but notice it. While I was noticing, I had a thought, “That’s my home town area code back in China. Maybe I should give my mother a call.”

I called my mother. But it didn’t stop 832 showing up in my life, on the daily base, ever since that day. Clock time, car plate number, house number, clients’ phone numbers, ads on internet… and most unexpected and weird places.

It was so much that it annoyed me at times.

Until when I decided that I was going to utilize it. Why not? It’s always there whether I liked it or not. As if each number carried a frequency, this 832 frequency seemed to match mine. At least I could assign a meaning to it so it could start to serve me, rather than annoy me.

So I decided that whenever I saw this number again, it meant that I was on the right track. That I was “home” with myself.

That was how it became quite delightful. After all, look at it – 832. This is the most beautiful Arabic number combination aesthetic to the eye. Can you argue with me?


In the fall last year, I decided to buy a new car. The idea came to me when I was brushing my teeth. Tim asked me why, as the old car was still working and living in downtown West End, we really didn’t need car that much. I answered Tim, “I am seeing us doing some road trips next year along the West Coast. I don’t think the old car is good with it.”

Tim was more than happy with the idea. Within three weeks, we welcomed our new car, beautiful Rita, into our life.

However, the US dollars became much more expensive for Canadians within those months, so we kind of let the idea go. And we were not planning any road trip when 2016 actually came.

How little did we know!

And Rita must also have found herself at home in Ashland. Not being the most popular car in Vancouver with the colour, make and brand, in this small town with population a little over 20,000, we have found so many of her brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and twins!


Before I became a hypnotherapist, one idea I conceived was to use hypnosis to wake people up to their true nature. “Can hypnotherapy be the path towards enlightenment?” I couldn’t help but think about it ever since I was a hypnotherapy school student.


For some years I was on the email list of Eli’s Leela School. I wanted to take some of Eli’s courses, such as the Enneagram, as his approach to this ancient wisdom is very fresh and new. His approach enables one to end the suffering of one’s fixation with effective recognition of these patterns using the powerful reflection of the Enneagram. My schedule couldn’t allow. I let it go for a while.

Until one day in May this year, I received an email from the school and to my great surprise I realized that Eli was teaching hypnotherapy certification course in the 80’s. Really? The spiritual teacher who I’ve always liked is a hypnotherapy teacher? How come I didn’t know?

Eli decided to do a hypnotherapy certification course, probably more than 20 years later.

And guess what? The address in Ashland Oregon, where Eli lives, for the training is 832 A Street!


Ashland is known for being an expensive town, especially in summer. That same day when I received the email about the hypnotherapy retreat, and made up my mind to take it, I found, unexpectedly, an envelop in one of my drawers with $1420 cash in it. I had to think very hard to remember how it ended up there and got forgotten.

I checked my calendar. Normally I need about 6 months to book a trip, as my classes in community centre require that much time for the new season brochure to go printing. Surprisingly, the period of retreat was just available on my calendar between two seasons.

That day in May this year, everything climaxed onto one point.


So here I am, driving the car I was inspired to buy, sitting in the garden of a Spanish villa style house in Oregon, so close to Mt. Shasta, taking a course to end the trance of suffering taught by an enlightened being who I call my teacher, at the perfect address 832 A Street, having paid the course with the newly found cash, feeling how crazy fun all this has been!


When Lisa Schumacher, a mentor at the Leela School, told me she felt a connection with me from day one she met me, I was speechless. That was exactly how I felt from day one with her. Thank you my soul sister for speaking that!

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