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Capture a glimpse of atlantean language through past life regression.

A Past Life Lived in Atlantis 7

A Past Life Lived in Atlantis

As I guided her into the inward journey, I borrowed her word “an ancient time”. We ended up at a place where we couldn’t exactly locate. There is a palace. There is ocean. There are pyramids; and unnamable animals and flowers. It feels ancient, yet sounds modern. Lisa as Adara in that life is a princess in a small kingdom. She studies astrology and plays harp-like instrument and flute. The name of her father, the king, sounds like “Hoden”, and I had her copy down as the way she saw her father’s name in her mind’s eye. With her eyes closed, she then wrote down some symbols (see the picture) – Atlantean language first handed, but at that time when she wrote it I didn’t know.