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A Game of Past Life Regression

You can undergo past life regression through hypnosis or without a trance session. Hypnosis usually starts with guided meditation to achieve a relaxed state of the mind and body. Self hypnosis is possible but then, you are not encouraged to do it with past life recall especially if you are a beginner. Would it be possible to do PLR without trance? Try following these rules and you will have positive results.

Rule #1: not think about Past Life Regression.

Rule #2: Answer all questions promptly and without delay. Just in case you don’t know the answer to the question, make it all up or make a guess.

This is better done with a friend. This simple method without trance can be done in parties and in other gatherings. It will simply add a touch of magic in the occasion. What’s interesting about this game is that people will not know that they are already doing some sort of past life regression. Try it now and see how much information you can get. Here are the possible questions that you can initially ask —

  • were you male/female
  • your work
  • father, mother, any children, brothers, sisters
  • place, time
  • the age you died, the cause of death.

The very first answers that enter your mind should be noted. Now this is not the final answers yet. Further questions should be asked for additional details. There are times when there is a shift in the details being provided and make sure that you jot them down.

You can refine the construct by asking questions like —

  • how tall were you, color of the hair, style, color of the eyes, skin tone, striking appearance, identifying features, underwear, clothing, footwear, jewelry or unique decorations, important possessions, and other important things that you can recall?

Intriguing details can be obtained after answering these questions. The questions are basic ones and they can be answered easily by a quick nod or head shake.

The answers to the initial questions are only generic information and it still lacks personality. However, such information is vital for refinement when additional questions are asked. Later on, you can already obtain specific information such as event, creature, countryside, person, etc. Temporal aspects are added in the succeeding PLR sessions and you can now ask questions like how did it happen, what about the future, and other related questions. Everything seems real at this point.

Try to focus on a certain aspect of your life so that you can obtain more details. The first-person recollections can now be associated with events that are detailed and real.

It doesn’t really matter whether you believe in past life or not because PLR is fascinating and exciting especially when you make true, lasting, and real changes in your life. To some, the memories may be metaphorical reenactments while others treat them as real recollections; and in the end, everything will depend on your belief.

If you have hesitations in guided meditations and hypnosis, you can always try this procedure because you will not undergo any trance. The questions are asked and in an instant, you need to answer without thinking. Your creativity can be used in this method and you can generate stories, situations, and events. Try to work with all the information you can find.

In addition, check out my book review on Past Life Memories, where you learn 12 methods of do-it-yourself past life memory recall.

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