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Sojourn by Cori J.

Today’s blog is a guest post by my multi-talented friend Cori Jackson. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a catalyst for change and a poet!

I feel deeply moved by this poem, especially these days, when I see more and more clearly how I am here playing the game in this life as a hypnotherapist. The joy in the ride is delicious.

Sojourn (Soul Journey)

Imagine the surprise
When I was drawn into your eyes
To find my soul staring back at me
In a flash
Familiarity, Immortality, Intensity

Mirror a reflection
Give me a direction
A place to find my destiny
Release illusions and delusions
While unveiling bright conclusions
The trick is Alchemy

Listen to the story of my life
Of the ways I became who I am
And what I have yet to become
The story of violence mixed up with love
And of everything in between
What does it look like to see what I’ve I seen
Bursts of insanity, insecurities, false realities
Longing to return to who once was me

Hypnotized by clarity, simplicity and harmony
Here is the journey, the thrill of the ride
Where we get to uncover what lurks deep inside

I feel wind in my hair, in the stillness of meditation
A fascination begins as a catalyst
Just an idea floating in the wind
Plant a seed
Next stage…
Move a little forward…
Raised vibration

Now I honour the story of my life
Of the ways I became who I am
What blessings are still yet to come?
Beyond the violence and into love
And live each moment in between
What will it look like to have seen what I’ve I seen
Past fears of Insanity, old insecurities, unrealities
Finally returning to who I’m truly meant to be

Hypnotized in clarity, simplicity, pure harmony
This is my journey, the joy in the ride
When I come to discover who walks by my side

-Cori – (beginning2003-present2012-future-unlimited)

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  1. Barnhart says:

    Fantastic goods from you. You’re simply extremely magnificent. I really like what you have got right here. You’re making it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it smart. I can not wait to learn far more from you. That is actually a wonderful poem.

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