A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Hypnotherapy My Music

Growing up, I often wondered, what happened to my music?

It was as if I was meant to be musical. When I was a child, I dreamt of singing on a stage.

Those daydreams were very real. I had them in detail.

Then when I was 15 years old, my music teacher told me that I sucked at singing. He didn’t mean to be mean. Playing piano with me standing-by and singing, he was sincerely frustrated by my insensitivity to notes.

But it didn’t feel right, my insensitivity towards musical notes. I didn’t know what to do with it. For a long time, I was quite depressed at my inability to sing.

It was not until I became a hypnotherapist that I made peace with it. I had spiritual regressions done on my own. In those sessions, I dropped into a knowing that I had dimmed a few cords of my musical light in this life so that I could get on to this monotone of mine, with its own rhythm, to do what I came here to do.

Hypnosis has been very natural for me. It is my single most focus, after I turned 40. Before 40, I had hobbies and a social life.

Hypnotherapy has become my instrument to help people remember who they are. In so doing, I know I am not just doing “hypnotherapy” as you think it to be. Inevitably we access many levels of consciousness and bring in whatever works for the person I’m working with in the moment.

I see hypnotherapy as an art.

And I am the artist.

I go to trance together with the clients, enabling myself to receive information from their own heart, their higher mind, my higher mind, and other sources. I shift the vibrational frequencies through myself – as a kind of conduit – in whatever way I need to at the moment, to provide the environmental vibration that’s necessary for my clients to match so that they can bring themselves to the proper state, that is required of them, for the transformation to take place.

I have come up with many analogies and stories of musical instruments and musicians in my hypnotherapy practice. Music is dear to my heart. It’s easy to illustrate, as most people like music of different kinds.

I say, an orchestration is not blending – One note does not become another, but harmonization. When we acknowledge each other’s uniqueness, we can have harmony.

A violin doesn’t have to make the sound that you hear from a piano, to be the greatest violin. We do not have any business measuring ourselves against others.

I say, when we allow ourselves to be a great conductor of that energy, we don’t need long term healing or therapy. Life always flows, like music, what is happening now and the next moment is where our life happens.

Musical instruments are basically the resonance instruments. I create a resonance, and appropriate shifts in resonance that allows the clients to vibrate and match that frequency, should they choose to, and in so doing, bring themselves back to their centre.

So, I say, as a hypnotherapist, I am a centering device, a resonance device, a musical instrument.

Over six years ago, on a Car Free Day in Vancouver, I met someone who I could only use the words “my counterpart” to describe. Strange it may sound, it felt to me that he was me in another form. He is a musician – a singer song writer. Like a soul splitting into two, living simultaneous parallel lives, I felt he is fulfilling my music side of life, and I get to single-mindedly focus on what I came here to do. Hypnotherapy is musical after all, to my life.

And in this music, I feel so heard.

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