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My thoughts, readings and client works on Multiple Personality Disorder, or a more recent label: Dissociative Identity Disorder.
There are study showing in Multiple Personality Disorder, one personality has a certain decease, and the other personality has no sign of that decease. They are actually two different people.

Strange Terrain in the Endless Frontier of the Mind 2

Strange Terrain in the Endless Frontier of the Mind

My curiosity of the phenomenon of multiple personalities, “exorcism” and thought form release led me to this book. Ralph Allison, a psychiatrist starting practicing in 1972, a pioneer treating multiple personality disorder patients and a daring soul, wrote this quite interesting case history book. Can you imagine a middle class, crew-cut, straight, Board-certified psychiatrist conducts exorcism? He had the courage to stand up to his professional peers when they threatened to throw him off of a hospital staff because he dared use unconventional therapy techniques such as hypnosis, now a major instrument of cure for many persons with MPD.