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Live a Life Imagineered

A lot of our life problems stem from the way I call “Object of attention”. We look at the world as if it has a mind on its own. It has power over us. We are the small little ones trying to “make it” into the world. And it is so hard.

That is an illusion. The world is not an object on its own. “The world” doesn’t exist until we start to interact. However we interact with it changes the dynamics of the world. Without me, “the world” doesn’t know me, can’t know me. Which means, I don’t need to take cues from circumstances, circumstances always, without choice, take cues from my state of being.

Every step on the way, the world around us changes, according to our state of being. There is no fixated world out there, ready to judge me, to give me a bad time.

You can also look at it this way: Every moment in your life, you stand at the causal end of the world, not the effect end of it.

When you prefer to see what you wish to feel, to feel what you wish to see, regardless of circumstances, you will see what you prefer and wish to see manifest itself right in front of you.

This is not new-age or anything esoteric. It is the mechanism of physics. Thus you engineer your life according to your imagination. People like to separate “engineer” and “imagination” as if they are completely opposite.

Words are imagined. Let’s reimagine them. So, how about IMAGINEER your life?

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