Got Inner Critics?

Inner critics want you to get what you want. Sometimes it acts like a stereotyped step-mother, beating you up to get what she thinks you should want.

Living a life, we always want things. And we do not always get what we want. It’s natural. It always has been this way; and it’ll always be this way, no matter when, where and who.

However, except accepting this fact that sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we don’t – which is obvious, we blame ourselves when we don’t. We assign value judgment to that lack of what we want over time. And we think something’s wrong with me.

Yes there are wining, complaining and fearful people around us, but it is always us who give them authority. They may be parents, best friends, aunts, whoever. And we internalize their voices into our inner voices. Even though we are not with them, we continue to use their voices to beat ourselves up.

The inner critic only wants you to be safe. And this is quite ridiculous. Do you know that you are going to die? Do you know that you won’t make it out of life alive no mater how hard you try? You are ultimately not safe. So you can leave that behind. And start to live the life that you have now.

To live your life, give authority only to what you love to do, in your own term. The inner critics won’t go away, but it is up to you who to listen to. You can turn the inner critics into comedian, because it is quite funny.

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