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Fight or Flight Response – An Alien Component Within Human Psyche

Some people say that there is an extraterrestrial society of beings called the Reptilians who represent a negative race and that they are biased towards negativity. They say the Reptilian society is humanoid that is mixed with a snake-like structure or mixed DNA therefore it has some attributes of reptiles.

I don’t know how much that is true. What I know is that humans do have within our physical structure of our brain some base functioning elements that can tune in to fear for the sake of causing us to escape when there is danger.

The functioning was built into our biology, a system called Fight-or-Flight response with which an individual could either fight to protect itself or run to find cover when real physical danger was present, such as a large hungry animal. This component still exists in our biology today.

This Fight-or-Flight system can be activated, in most humans, when the danger is real and when it is just imagined to be real, such as fear of abandonment, or fear of not being good enough.

This Fight-or-Flight mechanism can be activated in the simplest of social situations. There doesn’t need to be bombs going off on our world. There doesn’t need to be people confronting each other with their nostrils flared and fists clenched in order to activate this Fight-orFlight mechanism. It is very subtle, and it can become activated due to the slightest of nuances of social, mental, and emotional interaction.

It is actually quite easy to manipulate this mechanism in a way that causes people to perceive the need to either fight or run for protection when they are simply going about day to day tasks in the work place, in a family interaction, in an encounter with the unknown, in an relationship, or in a new situation that they don’t know yet how to handle. No large animals need to be present to activate the Fight-or-Flight action. The person only needs to BELIEVE he or she is threatened.

A person can unknowingly activate this mechanism and generate so much fear within themselves, flood their thought process to such an extent that they lose sight of what’s really going on in their situation and then act out in disruptive ways. They can lose touch with their feelings and their heart.

When they feel threatened, they might hide and protect themselves in some way, perhaps by not being honest with themselves or with the others in the situation. They might get angry and fight, which is another form of trying to protect themselves when they are not aware of what is actually going on in a situation.

When the Fight-or-Flight response becomes activated, a person cannot easily tune in and recognize that they are defining themselves in that situation in a way that is not in alignment with who they actually are. They are only able to recognize the fear and discomfort coming from their biology’s Fight-or-Flight processes. They will try to protect themselves by using some type of psychological behaviour, or they might actually leave the room or the house for a while, or they might get angry and get manipulative or fight.

This Fight-or-Flight mechanism can be considered a reptilian quality from the reptilian part of the human brain, but it doesn’t mean that we all have to be influenced through this mechanism by another society that may be more aware of it and therefore know how to utilize it and manipulate us if we are not aware of how to use it properly. There are those that we may be referring to as Reptilians who are perhaps more inclined to use this humanoid component to influence us. They have it too in their biology. There may be some beings that are manipulating our society or influencing people through the mechanisms of fear that causes many unaware people to be frightened by illusory ideas such as abandonment, loss, lack, depression, anger, or conflict. But this can only occur because so many of us aren’t turned in to it, aren’t aware of this mechanism of functioning that can take place with us. It can therefore be like an alien creature, an alien concept within our own psyche.

This component within our biology is like an alien component if we are not aware of its existence. Choosing to remain unaware of this part of the human brain can be like having an alien that we are hiding from, an alien component within ourselves that we have been repressing.

Until people come to terms with this alien within themselves and recognize it, it remains possible for those few extraterrestrial aliens who do understand it to continue activating it in people to influence and manipulate them. They will continue creating more fear based ideas like separation and limitation.

The way is to recognize who we actually are beyond physical and the nature of our actual existence. This recognition provides us with the ability to determine what is real and what is not real for ourselves, so we stop looking outward and stop allowing our definitions about the nature of reality to be determined solely by what the media tells us, what the news tells us, what the outside authority tells us…

Recognizing that there may still be living within us an alien component of our own making. When we get in touch with it, we will begin to free ourselves from external influences that any supposedly negative extraterrestrials may be interjecting upon us or our society.

When a person is at a frequency of allowing the free flowing expressing of who they are, they do not encounter obstacles. So they are able to fly about more freely, more effortlessly, not only in terms of the way they move their body about and travel from one location to another, but also in terms of their feelings, ideas and inspirations that come into their aware state of being.

Allowing our true nature to come through in our aware state and in our feeling state. It’s crucial to be accepting of these components that exist deep within us rather than repressing those beautiful understandings and hiding from them and treating them like they were an alien aspect of our psyches. It’s vital for the truer understandings to be able to flow and fly freely within the structural frequencies of our physical reality.

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