A Piece of Kemila's Mind

“Aliens” Among Us

Audrey is a young woman who has started losing pigments since when she was 17 years old. As a result of that, she doesn’t look like her parents and siblings at all. Extremely fair skin and blond hair with big blue eyes, she is tall. There is a certain lightness in her manner, something unspeakably different about her, something out of place. I felt a little bit displaced by her energy. She did extremely well without making any effort in school. She also has memories of being on a ship, but there is nothing scary about it, as was reported by some other abductees. Instead, Audrey feels that is home. She cried in tears in hypnosis missing her “home”.

Audrey spoke very fast and very clearly on the phone. She explained the reason for her call was because she wanted to recall some dreams.

“Are you having some recurring dreams, or are you having different dreams to recall?” I asked her.

“They are different ones, and they are very vivid dreams, although they fade… But in the past eight months, after I moved to Vancouver, I’ve had many wild dreams. I feel there are some common meanings in them.”

I invited Audrey to share some of the dreams. She went on and told me all of the following in not much longer than one breath.

A dream of being on another planet speaking to a miniature man, with a very nice feeling. I have also received messages in the dreams. Primarily I want to remember the details of the messages as I feel I need to pass them on. For example, there was a dream of choosing my parents before I was born. And both of my parents have memories of being abducted.
“My childhood dreams came back and they freak me out. In those dreams, there were tall white beings as well as shadow people like a hat man. I have another dream of being on a ship meeting a spiritual advisor. And a dream of looking down at the Earth…

When Audrey came in for her appointment, I was taken aback by her beauty. This 27-year-old is a tall, sexy, blond, big blue eyes with Angelina Jolie kind of full lips.

“You are beautiful,” I said.

“Thanks.” Audrey smiled a friendly smile. She told me since she was 17, the pigment on her skin started to disappear, and her look started to change. Now she is not like either of her parents nor her siblings at all.

For people who want to have a dream recall, I normally induce a trance by asking the body to go to sleep, muscle group by muscle group, taking a typical hypnosis “progressive relaxation” a step further.

With Audrey, on top of that, I decided to use the dream of looking down at the Earth as a portal for her hypnotic dream recall.

“As the body goes to sleep easy gently and deeply now, the dreams can wake up. Dreams, fleeting, yet detailed, interesting, wild, illogical, yet making perfect sense when we dream them. We take on many trips and journeys when we dream… As I count from 5 to 0 now, the number 0 opens up another dimension, another realm, a portal to that dreamland… where you are looking down at the Earth… It looks so big, yet so small… What does it look like to you, the Earth?”

“It looks quite beautiful.”

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Does it look like somewhere you’d like to have a life?”

“Yeah! ”

“When you have the idea that you’re going to have a life there, do you know what kind of life you are going to have?”

“It’s gonna be hard,” Audrey says loudly and boldly.

“Hard. Does the hardship come in at the early part of life, or later part?”

“Early.” Thankfully so, I felt relieved for Audrey. And I did remember Audrey had told me that she had some abuse traumas in her childhood.

“What’s the purpose of going through the hardships at the early part of life?”

“To share. To help others. Something about abuse out of selfishness.”

“Now, as you look down at the Earth, are you by yourself, or are there others there with you?”

“The tall white is here.”

“Describe him.”

“He is tall. He is skinny. And he is so white. His hair is white, his beard is white, his skin is white and his clothing is white.”

“What is he wearing?”

“Like a garb, or a robe.”

“What’s his eye colour?”


“When you look at him, you have certain feelings in you, don’t you?”

“I feel really, really safe.”

“What is he communicating with you now?”

“Something about change, or shift. He’s saying, ‘You’ll be known. Don’t be scared. Embrace it.’ ”

“You will be known… by…?”

“By the world.” Earlier Audrey had told me that she had relocated herself to Vancouver from another small town in Canada to start an acting career. Through acting Audrey will be known, that’s when she can use the fame as a platform spreading the message. Things have already been planned. Audrey will be guided.

After a little pause, Audrey choked with emotions, “And he says, ‘you’ll be coming home!’ I miss that place!”

Streams of tears came out of Audrey’s closed eyes, “I forgot how much I missed it. There are people there waiting.”

“How many of them?”

“There’s that woman. She feels like a mom. She’s not human. She’s my real mom. Oh I want to stay there.”

“What does your mom say?”

“It’s not going to be long.”

“Who are the others?”


“Those friends, are they having an incarnation of the Earth at this time as well?”

“I think so. I’m not sure. It’s hard to find them. But I do recognize one now – my friend Alex. Now I know that we have to play out his plans. We will make a documentary about space.”

“What’s the purpose of choosing Earth?”

“Because I know this place is so messed up. It makes me so sad.” Audrey cried, “It’s so simple. But we all have to do it.”

“This place you are now, what is it called?”

“I don’t know how to say it.”

“You can spell it.”

Letter by letter, Audrey spelled out PLEIADES.

In the deep hypnotic state, we all have an easy ability to access answers and wisdom directly. I asked Audrey about the miniature man. “Yeah. He’s like a helper, to the tall white.”

About choosing the earth parents, Audrey said, “In order to make change, you have to go through things, otherwise you can’t preach. I feel like I haven’t known those parents before. They needed to divorce when I was young.”

“Do your parents also have a connection with Pleiades?”

“Grays.” That is interesting, from Pleiades to Grays. I know Pleiades is another star system that some humans have direct connections with. Grays are human from a destroyed parallel Earth. Obviously, Audrey’s dreams were not just one theme.

“Tell me more about the Grays and your parents,” I asked.

“My parents helped me come about.” It may sound like a truistic statement, but I knew there was more to it than the statement itself. “It was already put in when my mother was younger.”

“That’s why your mother has memories of being abducted?”

“Yes. I know it sounds crazy. I was planted. Also maybe my sister, but not my brother. It was part of the plan for me to look differently, to become attractive.”

“Do you yourself have memories of being on a ship?”

“I can see a ship now, with my mom, just coming out. It feels like home. It’s not those typical scary abduction scenes at all.” Audrey continued, “I was not abducted. I was made.”

It turns out that Audrey is a hybrid with Gray or other genetics living right now on the planet Earth. Audrey in hypnosis went on to talk about her missions on the Earth, and her comment on how hard it was to do her mission as there were so many dark forces.

“Speaking of dark forces,” I remembered another dream she mentioned on the phone consultation, “Allow yourself to know what the shadow people are.”

“They are spies, from the government. They are made. They are made through the mind. They are not real. They are computer programmed.”

“To scare people?” I sensed the wisdom in her answer. I was also surprised how clear her perception was in hypnosis.

“No. They don’t try to be seen, but… some can see them. That’s why they can be scary, because they are not human. It’s manmade! It’s manmade!!” Audrey seemed to be surprised too by her discovery. “I don’t like that! What have they seen? I want them to go away. They are getting in the way. I’m going to ask my family to block them.”

“What do your family say?”

After a little pause, Audrey came back to me with her report, “They just say, ‘Don’t be interested in them anymore.’”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. Don’t be interested in them anymore.” Right after this was uttered, Audrey raised her voice again arguing with “her family” about the conspiracy of the government.

“What does your family say on that?”

“It’s just the way it is. Don’t be one of them. Be equal.”

“You’ve done so much research on this subject as Audrey. This may just be the best answer you’ve got. What do you think?” I directed this question to Audrey’s conscious mind.

“Yeah. I thought the shadows were ghosts, but it is not. So many people are seeing those things. I need to tell them what it actually is. Just tell them to leave. The way that I’m going to overpower it is by exposing it, not by joining it.”

“That sounds wise – To expose is to shine a light. When you shine a light, shadows can’t be real.”

I gave Audrey suggestions for better recall of dreams before I brought her out of the hypnotic state, “Now you know why you had those dreams. Whatever questions you have, you just give to your dreams, so you don’t have to figure everything out with your human mind. And in your dreams, you will continue to receive guidance.” The whole session lasted less than an hour.

Even though hypnotically I have worked with many abductees, I was surprised to know that we already have hybrid children among us. Yes Audrey was born here on Earth, but she has memories of the lab on a Gray ship, and both of her parents have memories of being abducted. It is easy to link all these up and imagine how Audrey’s genetic markers were slightly altered toward more expression of the hybrid beings who may eventually come to live among us.

Yes, maybe they are now already walking among us, wandering through our society. They carry hybrid frequency. It is easy to pick up Audrey’s vibe and know that she is a little bit unusual, different. Maybe she’s here to get us used to the hybrid vibration so that we get a flavour, a taste, a hint of that frequency. The dreams that Audrey constantly has are when she communicates with what’s “out there”. Meanwhile, as a precursor, she is here to help our society acclimate to different energies so she can be used as a barometer, an intermediary being, to gauge our response to that energy, to see how we are capable, or not, to integrate that energy within ourselves, and to pave the way for the hybrid children to come in the future. This allows a future smoother acclimation within society, after we are vibrationally compatible to their energy for integration.

Maybe that’s part of the plan for Audrey to become known through her acting, after that she said she will write a book, something about surviving – that is the way to convey the messages she receives.

After Audrey left my office, I felt a strange little dizziness. For a long time, It made me think about worlds out of our own, in a very light way, something out of this place.

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