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Soul Eclipse

alphabet-letter-sIs there a difference between darkness and evil?

Without doing their own thinking, many people would not even hesitate a second and say, “It’s the same.”

Treating darkness and evil the same is the source of a lot of our problems, mental, emotional, spiritual, even physical.

Mentally, when we treat them the same, we immediately get into the dualistic energy, and we become judgemental. We all say it’s not good to judge – but “it’s not good to judge” itself is a judgement, yet we cannot help but judge, to a degree that I hear a lot from my hypnotherapy clients, “Well, everyone judges. We can’t help it, even though it’s not good.”

That statement doesn’t have to be true. We only judge when we lose the balance of light and dark.
So, is there a difference between darkness and evil?

I say, “Yes.”

Darkness, like Light, is a natural state of being. You can call darkness negative, or the “other side”. It is just part of the equation. It could be the “zero” compared to the “one” of lightness. Or, it could be the “one” compared the “zero.” The darkness and the light in the purest sense are not locked into their energy structures. They change back and forth – darkness to light, light to darkness. They switch rolls back and forth. Darkness is the partner and the lover of the light.

Evil, on the other hand, is an imbalanced dark. It is putting focus on the dark, to the degree it ignores and denies the light. It is to identify the self as dark rather than the whole that includes light and dark. By the way, evil spelled backwards becomes “live”.

We humans have all spectrums of emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, etc., they are natural. They do not feel good as they are the “negative” side of the emotions, but those dark emotions make us who we are. Yet when we completely identify ourselves as the negative side of the emotions, we lose balance, and fall into imbalanced dark. And other layers of negative emotions are artificially created, such as hate, emptiness, lack of love, and guilt – those emotions are imbalanced dark.

Yin_and_YangNothing illustrates this better than the Yin-Yang symbol. The beauty of the symbol is that it moves, it flows, it changes, and it balances. The black and the white, symbolizing the dark and the light, without being locked into their energy structure, change back and forth. There is always a seed of light in the darkness, and there’s always a seed of darkness in the light. Only with both are we balanced.

The imbalanced darkness is evil. So, what is it when there is imbalanced light?

I do not have a word for it. The world has not created a word for it, as the world perceives it as something “good” and something “right”, in its linear way.

But imbalanced light is still imbalance. The imbalance to the light is a denial of the dark; therefore it is a denial of half of ourselves. We are multiple-dimensional and a multiple-potential beings on Earth. To live in balance and harmony, we need to understand the dynamics of light and dark.

In the New Age communities, there are many people who identify themselves as “light-workers”. They work in the light. Their purpose is to spread the light and eliminate the dark from the universe. Like “warriors of the light”, they pick up their swords and go off and battle the dark. So the drama begins.

Well, the darkness will win the battle. They will win because to fight with darkness is actually to spread darkness, as battling is the game of darkness. The imbalance to the light creates the denial of the dark. Therefore in spite of all of their words of peace and love, they start to play the game that darkness is so better at, to battle.

To acknowledge darkness as half of who we are may be a tough issue for some people because of the overlay of dark. Dark has gotten such a bad rap that “we can’t be dark”. Dark is often equated with evil – an imbalanced and unstable version of darkness.

There is nothing wrong with darkness. The dark is simply asking to be acknowledged. We cannot save the world without having compassion for the world.

When we see a person imbalanced to the dark, we recognize evil and forceful energy. When we see a person imbalanced to the light, we recognize a lack of compassion towards themselves and others, oddly enough. You would think the dark would have a lack of compassion. But, it’s the light, the imbalanced light, thinking that everything has to be saved, and they are the only ones that can save it. Some New Agers are the most judgemental people I have met.

The same goes to my observations of my hypnotherapy clients. I’ve seen how imbalanced focus on “eating healthy” creates battles, guilt feelings and more problems to their lives than “unhealthy” foods.

What happens when a person is imbalanced to the light is that they become airy, etheric, ungrounded, and intangible. They talk in the esoteric lofty words about peace on Earth, but not really understanding what the dynamics are. They want to save the world without having compassion for the world. They have all of these fluffy concepts that really aren’t practical, really don’t move energy at all. The imbalanced light is pushed by energy and tumbled around by energy, rather than being truly effective at moving energy.

The darkness is simply the companion of the light. They have been mates. They have filled in for each other. They have been the mirrors that have allowed you to look at who you are.

Like the sunlight moving through a sand dune, inch by inch, creating light and darkness, the sunny side, the dark side, ever changing, yet the sand remains the same sand. Darkness and light are simply expressions of the same. The dark helps to spin the light. It moves the light. The light helps to illuminate new areas, but it takes the dark to spin it and to ground it.
sand dune sahara
When we take away the human stigma of dark for evil, bad, or violent – the automatic definition for dark, it is just one of our core energies. Many people I work with in my hypnotherapy practice, they have problems because they are in their own battle with their light and dark.

Every once in a while, the dark and the light trade roles. The light wants to experience what it is like to be the dark. And, dark wants to experience the illumination of the light. So they switch roles – the dynamics of the true meaning of the Yin-Yang symbol.

This role switching between your personal light and dark has taken place in between lifetimes, so you can see yourself from the new opposite. And, then they come back. They meld together, with a certain degree of their own identity.

Think in terms of an eclipse – a lunar eclipse, or a solar eclipse – when one element passes in front of the other, temporarily blocking or shadowing the other… almost like a reverse shadow. That is what happens when we integrate, meld and marry the dark and light.

So, this may be a soul eclipse – instead of separating back again, the dark and the light melding back together, casting a reverse shadow. Behind the eclipse are many potentials, the potentials that were in the shadow before.

The symbol of eclipse is the opportunity to look inward – to face the darkness, including the fears and the negative systems. Then deal with them, so that once again the light within us may shine forth.

A true prayer is not a prayer of begging. It is a prayer of realization and acceptance. Here’s the “prayer of potentials”:

I realize that life is abundant in every way. I realize that I am in every way. Everything is already in my reality… everything is already here… I need only to accept it… to bring it into my conscious reality… the love that I seek is already in my life… I just need to open the door and let it in, rather than sitting, complaining about why I don’t have it. The abundance that I choose in my life is already here, so that I can do this work, so that I can be a living, wealthy example of Spirit on Earth.

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