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Regression into a Probable Past Life – Julie

Many people who experienced past-life regression had this question: Was that real?

Every moment in the process it felt real. One could feel the choice-less choices that they made in the moment. Yet at the end of the regressed life, looking back, they could see clearly there were other alternative choices that they could/should have made. I can’t help but wonder: Where would that choice have taken them on the life path?

Other therapists may not share this, but part of the power of past-life regression therapy is to tap into those probable realities – the choices that the regressed personality didn’t but could make.

But who knows, maybe in that alternative probable reality another probable personality did go all the way making that choice, and living that path of life in another reality.

Each of us in this reality has decided upon emphasizing certain characteristics and forgetting others. We have therefore only allowed certain characteristics to come to the surface and we are aware of them, use them and think, “These characteristics are myself.”

The ego is a king with a very precarious crown, and you think you are what your ego is. It does not occur to you, however, that there are literally countless, countless probable egos within yourself; numberless abilities that could come to the forefront of your consciousness to be latched upon and used. You are unaware of these buried selves; these buried abilities; these buried creative functions and combinations. And yet in other layers of reality, these come to the forefront and you allow these their play; and the characteristics that you think of now so securely as your own are buried.
But while they are buried, they are not unaware; they are in trance, and you can become aware of them.
Within the self that you know are countless combinations of selves that you do not admit. In other layers of probable realities, these selves have their say and live out their potential. They are sleeping within you in this reality, but in those realities, you are sleeping within them as latent potential.


This is a series of three stories where clients are regressed to a past life, seeing the consequences of the choices they made, and having a chance to see in another parallel reality, if they’ve made another choice, what that “past life” would turn out to be.

Working as a facilitator, my observation is that a parallel reality past life regression (or a probable reality past life regression) feels as real as any other past life regression. It’s not a wishful thinking. It’s real in the person’s experience.

Part 1. Julie

Julie comes from South America. She has been to Vancouver for 3 years, married a Canadian, and is starting her new business with passion – photography. Yet she is scared, both with success and with perceived failure. The idea of having her business scares her. She comes to see me for moving forward without fear.

Julie goes to a life as a male about two centuries ago. John has a passion for poetry. He’d go to the city square, sit there, and write his poems. He’d then go to a local bar and show it to friends and acquaintances. Nobody pays attention to his poems, though he writes them with gusto. Year after year, still nobody cares, reads or values any of his poems. Finally, John starts to doubt about them himself.

In his fifties, John is depressed. He has concluded that there is no value in the only thing he loves, so there is no point in going on. John doesn’t even bother to get up. He lies in bed all the time.

I see that there is no point moving ahead in this life. Probably John is going to die the same way, depressed, finding no point in anything. I decide to have John see another probable reality.

So I speak to John: “Now you are lying in bed. Where are your poems? Your Manuscripts? Are they around your house?

Julie as John: (Seems to look around for a while) Yeah. They are there, in the corner… Nobody cares. I don’t care.

Me: Why don’t you go over there and pull them together? … Then tell me how big or thick they are.

John: Oh, very thick. A lot of them.

Me: So thick that they can be made into a book? Is that right?

John: Yeah. Very thick.

Me: Have you thought about publishing them?

John: What’s the point? Nobody is interested in it! Nobody at all! Who’s going to read it? Worthless.

Me: How do you know? You haven’t tried to bring it to a bigger audience. Now John, if you are to seek a way to have them published, where would you bring it? What’s the first step that you can take?

John: … I guess I can take it to the church.

Me: All right. You’ve been lying in bed for many days. And it seems there is nothing better you can think of doing at the moment. I want you to take this manuscript today to the church. No need to worry about the outcome, because the manuscript you don’t care anymore. You might as well take it to the church. Have them judge it.

John: (Can’t find a way to argue with me) … Okay.

Me: Now before you go… do you have a mirror at home?

John: Yes.

Me: Go ahead and look at yourself in the mirror. How do you look?

John: (Surprised) Not good. I look like a sh*t. Long hair and beard… I need to change my clothes.

Me: Do you have something presentable to wear?

John: Yes. I have a white shirt.

Me: Go change. Wear your white shirt and nice pants. And take your manuscript. You need to shave and have your hair cut before you go to the church.

After that is done.

Me: Do you want to look at yourself in the mirror again before you go to the church?

John: I’m already looking now. Much better.

Me: All right. Bring your manuscript to the church… Now you are at the church. What do they say?

John: They take it. And they ask me to come back in one week.

After giving them the manuscript, John wants to go to the local bar that he used to go. There is this waitress that John likes very much but has never expressed his love to her.

This time, when John walks in, something is different. The waitress is paying much more attention to him. I don’t know if it is due to the change of his look, or in this parallel reality things naturally play out that way.

One week later, John goes back to the church.

Me: Now what do they say?

John: (Pause. Then bursting into tears) Oh, no, no… They are going to publish it! They like it. They are going to publish it. I can’t believe it!

Tears stream down Julie’s face. It’s an overwhelming moment.

I move John forward in time, to see how the book is received by the public. The book, written with passion and love, turns out to be a great success. Now John’s becoming famous. And he marries that waitress.

I ask John, the now famous poet, if there was this beautiful girl, coming from his future time, to visit him, and asking for his advice on her new business, what would he tell her…

I don’t finish my request. John again bursts into tears. He knows exactly to whom I am referring, and he starts to tell her directly, “Just do it! Just do it! Show it to the world. No need to worry about how it’s going to be received and how others will look at you. Just do it. You have so much talent. Just express it and bring it out. Everything will sort itself out. Just do it.”

With that, I bring Julie back and out of hypnosis.

Two months after the hypnotherapy past life regression session, I receive an invitation from Julie. She is having an exhibition for her photos.

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