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Past Lives May Hold A Big Key for Your Current Life

Book Review: You Have Been Here Before, A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives

Being a hypnotherapist myself, having read all major books on past life regressions, and having conducted many past life regressions myself, I still found this book intriguing. I got the second hand paperback which was the first edition from 1978. The format of this book looks like a novel, and the stories were no less interesting than any novels – Fascinating stories! That’s how I love doing this work. Everybody who walks into your office, old or young, good or not so good looking, male or female, interesting or dull… after being induced into trance, they can all tell fascinating stories with real emotions!

Yes, your previous lives can have a profound impact on current lives in terms of the abilities, symptoms, relationships character traits, and, indeed, in a myriad other ways.

Dr. Edith Fiore had this sincere as-a-matter-of-fact tone in writing these 12 stories. Almost the whole book is transcriptions in dialogue format of the 12 cases. That gives this book a casual tone, and makes it very readable. You can easily read the entire book with one sitting.

Reading these stories might make you wonder why there are no good lives that were recorded. Well… First, good lives don’t leave scars into another life that people need to heal with; second, let’s be honest and look at human history – how many good lives could there be?

However, some people do have good life memories when they just “try out with a past life memory”, rather than using it as therapy.  A good hypnotherapist knows how to guide a person into reviewing a relevant life.

Technically speaking, there’s only one thing I found lacking in this book – It’s not in the book writing, but in the therapy as past life regression. Dr. Fiore seemed to believe in the school of “Seeing is healing.” As long as the patients see the past lives, they are healed; which I found, is not completely true. It depends. For those who are ready, insights are enough to move forward without further fear or baggage; but in many other cases, it is necessary to do some releasing or forgiveness work after experiencing a past life memory, which I found, Dr. Fiore totally ignored, at least in this small book.

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