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On a Clear Day, You can See Forever

Movie ReviewI feel this 1970 movie On a Clear Day You Can See Forever was made for me when I first saw it. It started right with hypnosis induction. As the scene unfolds, we see it’s a hypnosis class for doctors. There’s a student subject doing demo. While Dr. Marc Chabot (Yves Montand), professor of psychiatry, regresses him back in time, a girl in audience is regressed back to 5 years old spontaneously. Daisy Gamble (Barbra Streisand) is so hypnotizable that she talks herself into trance again when awakened by Dr. Chabot. Daisy must be every hypnotist’s dream! Oh My God, she even knows the scripts before it’s said and goes under! Staring in front of you, a window…Now slowly very slowly you see it open… the darkness of the night… Oh she’s gone.

I love everything about this movie. Barbra’s acting, coordinated costume, re-incarnation, ESP, light heartedness, telepathic hypnosis, musical, and yes FLOWERS. Daisy smokes 5 packs of cigarrettes a day, and she’s engaged and wants to quit. That’s why she seeks hypnosis.

And when the hypnosis starts, “Miss Gamble, what year are you remembering?”


Poor Dr. Chabot, he has to open the window, take a deep breath and take a cigarrette before he can deal with it. And some whiskey afterwards.

Daisy’s eyes are open all the time when regressed to BELINNNDA, such as some of my clients. Fully open eye trance for past life regression.

The very cool thing happens when Dr. Chabot finds himself more involved in the entanglement than Doctor and patient relationship. “How could someone never existed desert someone never lived. But when I heard it, why did it make me so sad? No…” Flashbacks happen to him. It’s not just movie drama. Hypnotists out there, try it with your family members.

Dr. Chabot, starting by being skeptical, eventually, stands up for himself. He points out to the class students who all vote this case for a “psychological fantacy”, ” — Dr. Chabot was surprised, “You have no question about it, no argument, no evidence, only prejudice. At least this case needs further investigation, which means going on searching the patients life and mind for clue.” Reincarnation is a possibility, is it not?

I loved this movie even more when Daisy sees, in the last session with Dr. Chabot, she and Dr. Chabot as husband and wife in 2038.

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